Welcome to wild and wise women. Primetime women (50+) in life or career transition, ready to begin a new story, to dream a new self into being. We gather here to bring our wild hearts and soul wisdom into the world. The Wild Feminine site is hosted by Jungian psychologist, author, artist and Primetime mentor Dr. Marilyn Steele.

In the world at this time , we women are Wild Cards. Going beyond the predictable and conventional. Fantastic. Sensational. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Free to speak our truths. To be who we truly are. Owning our power by aligning with our visions and hearts’ desires. The time is now for us to come forward into our communities, both local and global, with a new story. We can create the future, a world in which it will be easier to love.

“What do we wish for?  To be whole.  To be complete.  Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

– Terry Tempest Williams


Women’s experiences, vision and values have been left out of our definition of a human self.  Limited to the male ideal self who is separate from nature, others and his own soul, a world has been created in that image of conflict and estrangement. Women are grounded in a Self-and-Other identity, in thinking which is Both/And.

This is a time of power for both individual women and the emerging archetype of the dynamic, transformative Feminine, which Marilyn calls The Wild Feminine.

We are redefining success and power. Revisioning leadership. We take the long view, seven generations out.  We are wayfinders. Pilgrims. Pioneers. We have travelled over new territory and need to report on our discoveries. We use the wisest map which begins in the heart.

Take the lead. Dive in. We are here to support you with inspiration, tools, practices, programs and mentoring. Creativity, ancient wisdom and visionary thinking are your natural gifts. Use them freely. Be willing to step into your greatness and out to the world.

  1. Here is an interview I did recently for the Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit  in downloadable Video format (MP4):

And Audio-Only format (MP3):

http://www.wearesacredplanet.com/ created by Jocelyn Mercado.

2. “A Wild Soul Story with Mary Reynolds Thompson”  http://www.maryreynoldsthompson.com/uncategorized/dr-marilyn-steele/   3. “The Way of the Wild Feminine with Bonnie Bright, PhD

Here is an interview with the deeply intelligent, soulful and delightful Dr. Dave, 2013.

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