Listening to NPR on my car radio, the news of the enormous explosion in Beirut and its aftermath are heartbreaking. But it was the stories of kindness, compassion and generosity that finally broke the dam of global grief tears in me. Immediately, the Lebanese nearby began to set up online housing sources. Opening their homes, their apartments, to anyone displaced by the devastating explosion. A hotel owner assured potential guests they would be fed as well. This land of Lebanon, with so many years of conflict, war, economic hardship, has a lion’s heart of love and care. What if we met the current darkness, losses, uncertainty with the courage of our loving hearts? It is possible, it is essential, it is happening everywhere. This is how we awaken the dream of a new story and extricate ourselves from the nightmare of a universal world story that exiled the Feminine face of God and silenced the women.



Join other Dreamers, healers, creatives, teachers, consultants, to share stories and visions of what is trying to be born through us for the good of all.

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We are living in a very challenging time when the old story is crumbling and the new has not yet been born. In this liminal space, our own fears can threaten to overwhelm us. What helps? It helps to notice the signs of beautiful courage and care, the acts of revolutionary compassion and creative vision beginning to transform every institution. The Wall of Mothers in Portland. The victory of Standing Rock as the pipeline is shut down. Black Lives Matter marches around the world supporting the protests in the United States. The Washington “Redskins” have changed their name. All around the world, people stop every day at the same time to howl and cheer and sing for our frontline health-workers risking their lives to care for the ill. Confederate statues are being toppled and military bases renamed. The successes of women world leaders from Scandinavia to Taiwan, Europe to New Zealand, are spectacular. Empathy, care, compassion, collaboration and love are the leadership strengths that are most effective, not only for the pandemic but for the rebuilding of our economies, educational system, financial foundations.



The corruption, cruelty and abuses of power are blinding in their intensity. We are calling for the redistribution and right uses of power. In this rite of passage we must decide: Who is most qualified to be the protector of the people and the steward of the land? Like the Grandmothers of the Iroquois Confederacy, like the Celtic women of the wells, women are both choosing and becoming the sovereigns called for by this time. True power must include moral integrity, and spiritual knowledge, and caring hearts. As New Zealand’s splendid Jacinda Ardern demonstrates, compassion is a core strength of effective leadership.




These next weeks and months are intense and volatile. Although the full moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees opposite the Sun in Leo (August 8) invites us through the portal of our imaginations, there is a powerful square to Uranus, the Great Awakener. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all square to Eris, Goddess of Chaos. Mars (in Aries) brings a lot of fast energy, forcefulness, impulsiveness perhaps anger as he squares this Capricorn, Covid, cluster of heavy hitters. On August 13, Mars will square Pluto and we may see more power plays in the world. Witness. Don’t get pulled into the drama. Use the dreaminess of Neptune sextile Jupiter to open yourself to inspiration, and to find the strength you need within. On August 15th Uranus (retrograde) joins Jupiter. You might want to reconsider the possibilities available. This is a healing time, a time for review with 6 planets in retrograde. Honor your feelings. Trust your inner knowing. Do your best to anchor yourself in your internal knowing. Stand firm in your truth.


In a creation myth from the Kwakiutl people of the Pacific Northwest, we have a story that can help to orient us through this fearful time. It is the story of a sea monster, a two headed serpent named Sisiutl. He is a fearsome creature who threatens to eat you, rising from the depths. He sees from the front and the back. He is a tormentor of the wicked and fearful. But he is also a seeker of truth. His companions, his familiars, are the vision people. Those who ride on the wind and bring dreams. Those who would see beyond the veil. He seeks those who cannot control their fear. And those who do not have a truth they carry and live by. You must stand firm. If you break faith with what you know, or try to flee, Sisiutl will blow with both mouths and make you spin. Spiraling out of your place on this Earth, you will wander, a lost soul, alone and separated forever. Here is what you must do: Stand firm. Hold faith with what you know to be true. Do not turn away. And the two headed sea serpent will be left to face his own, Other face. His own shadow. The Other half of himself. Facing and seeing his Shadow will heal him and make him whole. Whoever does this, whoever can face his own Shadow, sees the truth of his wholeness, his holiness, and will bless you. You will have your truth forever. Enduring. The truth that is behind your own eyes, And connected to all that is alive.

We came to make a difference. As John Lewis said two days before he died: I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe…

Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble, necessary trouble.

Anchor the eternity of love in your own soul.


(Feminine Rainbow Power by Ellen van der Molen)


As we come out of the swirling fog of this very mysterious, turbulent time, there is hope. Calling all Dreamers.