On Friday night we had a Full Rose Moon, or Strawberry Moon, named by the Algonquin tribes as the season to gather the ripened fruit. What are you harvesting at this time in your life? Is it sweet? Does it feed you?

 Sunset in the ethereal waves:

I cannot tell if the day is ending, or the world, or if

The secret of secrets is inside me again.

                           Anna Akhmatova (trans Jane Kenyon)

 There is much to distract us, to disturb us, to distress us in the world today. Yet there are also beautiful, brave, bold new energies and creations emerging like strings of strawberries from the dirt. This is a time for us to define, refine, sift through what our heart’s mission and soul purpose really is. Like sifting nutrients from the mud as  Flamingo does, we can gather the sweetness and the essence of our truth to partner with others in our tribe for a new story. We must let go of our old stories, anything that is superfluous, and speak the truth.

 When order crumbles, mystery rises. (John Shea)

 Breaking free from an old story can be abrupt, as I found out recently.Sometimes, by falling, we may have to shed all that is not essential to our wild souls to get to the heart of what is trying to be born. At least that is what happened to me, when I collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant Chow in Lafayette.

Feeling a little nauseous after lunch – perhaps it was the coconut milk chai latte? The earlier political discussion about the firing of FBI Director Comey as I jogged around the reservoir? The poaching of rhinos? Not knowing where we were moving in three weeks? -I had gone to my car to rest on the reclined driver’s seat. But as the nausea subsided, I began to feel dizzy. Black spots spread rapidly across my field of vision. I had just enough time to grab my keys and open the car door, calling to a woman nearby talking on her iPhone. “Excuse me, excuse me, I need he..” then slid to the concrete with keys in hand.  Splayed on my back like a stranded starfish. I hear my keys hit the concrete. For the next 20 minutes or so I could hear people around me, trying to help. I could not make a sound nor open my eyes. A man picks up my wrist. Then lets it go and it falls to the ground. “Does she have a pulse?” “Yes but it’s weak.” “Is she breathing? Is it agonal breathing? Does she have alcohol on her breath?” That annoyed me. But for the vast stretch of time there was only stillness. Silence within. No stories. No opinions or feelings. No fear. No lights at the end of the tunnel, either, or faces of beloved lost ones. It did pass through my mind this might be the end. That was okay. All was well. Just as it was. I wasn’t struggling to breathe nor was there any pain at all. Most astounding, although it felt quite simple and matter of fact, not at all dramatic, was that I was completely There, and utterly Not There. The thought passes by that perhaps I m leaving. I have no opinions about any of this – rare for me. No feelings at all – also rare. Yet I am completely present to sound, the feeling of the breeze, a hand on my face, a pounding on my chest, a few slaps to my face. Perhaps I had some feelings about that. The same level of annoyance when on of my helpers asked if there was alcohol on my breath, if I had been drinking. But no place for my indignation to land or be expressed. It just passed along. I did not see my ancestors, nor see a light, or a tunnel. Perhaps that will be different someday. But maybe leaving will be like this. Peaceful. Quiet. Simple. So very calm.

 Eventually, as my heart rate began to rise above 50 in the ambulance, a hydrating IV in place, I opened my eyes to the most vivid sights. The green of the trees, the white of the EMT’s coat, his deep brown eyes. Where had I gone? Nowhere. Everywhere.

At the hospital overnight for observation and EKG monitoring, the tests were extensive, thorough, from CAT scan to echocardiogram. Nothing turned up. “You’re the healthiest, strongest elder I’ve ever seen!” enthuses my lovely Indian doctor. “Ha!” I respond, nodding to my IV drip. I tell my two older children not to visit as they have their own children in tow. My older daughter sounds very somber on the phone. Is she burdened by my absence and inability to help with Scout this weekend? But it turns out when they put her call through I was housed in the Oncology ward and she thought they hadn’t told me yet that my 2001 cancer had returned. It was just a free spacious private room with a view. I had one visitor: My youngest daughter who has not spoken or written to me for two years, for reasons I do not know. Periodically in that time I have written to her, especially after a dream of her. Trying to stay connected, trying to stay in my heart. Recently I have fantasized running into her in Berkeley- perhaps at Whole Foods, or Berkeley Bowl where we both shop – and yelling at her. Turning my back! Refusing to acknowledge her! But when I saw here in my room all that fell away. No effort. It just was no longer there. I was happy. I patted the side of my bed “Come here.” And we snuggled for a good long while. We talked some. Not much, about what was going on in our lives. No tears, no hurt, no anger. No need to explain the past, no need to define the future, either. “I love you.” “I love you.” It was just perfect as it was. She did confirm a dream I had written to her had, in fact, happened. That was enough to know. Confirmed for me that visible or invisible, we are connected. The gifts and learnings of this mystery continued to unfold. A friend and colleague Nancy Mills “The Spirited Woman” who runs a wonderful global women’s foundation called me for the first time in over a year. She had been thinking about me a lot. The urge to call me would not let her go. She had a new scarf for this month’s donation named “Awakened Energy” she thought I should have. Then I had to tell her what had happened, leaving us both silently stunned.

 As with all mysteries, it will be a long time, if ever, I will understand the falling. What exactly fell away. Who is left.  I will say there were many miracles about this day and much to be grateful for. Usually I would be on the freeway at that time, to pick up my grandson from preschool. But that morning we could not get my car seat to work so his mom would pick him up. I had a few seconds warning allowing me to get out of the car rather than pass out inside my parked car. I did not hit my head on the concrete. People helped. Someone even put an explanatory note on my car so it would not be ticketed or towed. How did they know to do that? I have health insurance and the hospital care, extensive testing, were amazing. One of the women who tended to me on the sidewalk tracked me down at the hospital. I was so happy to be able to thank her and to tell her I was fine which “made her day”. “You were so pale; we thought you were gone.” I did not tell her that I was, and was-not, gone.

 A few days later I went back to my office and found a dream drawing from February 2017 which foretold this event:

 Towards the end of the dream, I fall to the ground with all my keys and several tools on a heavy key chain beneath me. A man hands me back just one key, a large key with full rounded top, in solid gold metal. Then he says “You only need this one. That’s a mistake so many people make.” To try to understand this one key, on waking I had drawn it with oil pastels to perhaps see what it was. [The drawing packed in a moving box at the moment.] The large solid gold key turned out to be a Goddess with rounded arms and an abstracted, triangle form to her lower body. At the center, a heart.

So this is the key, the one heart, which I had forgotten in trying too many different things and tools and templates for my livelihood, my calling. Which I am sure I will forget again. Perhaps not. So much of the old story fell away when I fell to the ground. So many surprising and wonderful new connections since that day. In searching for a likeness, today I found many Anatolian Goddess figures from about 5,000 B.C. The word “Anatolia” (Turkey) means City of Women. So I am centered again, solidly, simply, in the heart of my work with the sacred Feminine, the Wild Feminine, my soul sisters. Just this one heart is what I offer.

This is an especially good time to tap into your intuition to see what life, what love, is asking of you. To listen for the soul story longing to be born through you.There is great wisdom available to you when you are honest, when you allow your heart to sing. Sometimes it helps to have a translator and mentor to discover the key to your heart, so that you may celebrate and create with it. Contact me if you would like a consultation in person (Bay Area, California) or Skype call. In celebration of this Strawberry Moon, summer solstice (June 20) and still being here I am offering a 20% discount on a half hour or hour session. From $275 to $220; half hour from $150 to $120. Email me to book an appointment.


Last night I attended the inspiring talk Paul Hawken gave at Impact Hub, Oakland, on the pre-launch of his new book “Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming”. Although the book is grounded in models, maps, and math -all rigorously researched- it is much more a collection of human stories, a plan of hope. A lifetime activist, environmentalist, visionary author, Paul speaks with enormous passion and monumental humility. Listening to him, I believe it can be done. More truly, that it is being done. Throughout the world, with the most ingenious creativity and powerful partnerships, we are birthing the New Story. The role of women in leadership and the Divine Feminine in consciousness is honored in Hawken’s work. And the most effective powerful solution to global warming? The education of girls and family planning. Here’s to the women and girls of the world and the celebration of men like Paul Hawken who give us such heart and possible actions to birth the new story.

From the Dreamtime, I had this dream recently which calls women to gather their power, magic and Nature’s wisdom to do whatever we can for life.

Dream: We are the Storm and the Fire

 We are attending an international women’s conference in Ireland During a break three of us women go to the cafeteria for lunch inside the large well lit auditorium. Then we walk outside following a dirt path along an expansive green field. In the distance, dark grey clouds gather along the horizon, dropping down close to the horizon heavy with rain. Slowly the wind increases, and a small tornado forms. It grows larger and then divides into three looped arms, a triple spiral. Although it is approaching us, we are in no danger and are not frightened, only awestruck as a light begins to glow from the center of the tornado. The inner fire moves outward as sparks. It is an awesome and numinous sight. We watch until it gradually dissolves.

 It felt to me as if we three women (maiden, mother, crone) were being called to meet this wild, elemental and magical power of the earth and cosmos with our own considerable inner wild powers and make them visible. In further reflection on this symbol, and the number three:

 The three realms of land, sea and sky are represented. The number three also refers to the Triple Goddess who are the three women in my dream. There are many other triple meanings: Life, death, rebirth. Past, present, future. Creator, destroyer, sustainer. Spirit, mind, body.

 The triple spiral is a pre-Celtic and Celtic symbol or “triskele” found on Irish Mesolithic and Neolithic sites like New Grange. In the spiral labyrinth of rebirth and transformation, there is motion and stillness. Action, cycles, progress, and revolution are welcomed here. The feminine way is not linear. We make progress by using the energies of action, cycles, seasons, the natural elements : water (emotion) sky (thought) land (embodied and rooted action).

Moving forward, our revolutionary progress is not made in competition but in collaboration and community. Another meaning of the three is the three worlds we inhabit: The Otherworld, where spirits, gods and goddesses exist. The mortal, material earthly world of humans, plants, animals. And the heavenly, celestial world where unseen energies live and move about. These are powerful forces – the sun, the moon, wind and water. The triskelion gives us a powerful foundation. It is a symbol of perfect balance. Focus and slow burn. Motion. Evolution. Illumination. Mystery. The Feminine. Intuition. In Nature, these three elements of Heaven, Earth, Water is the synthesis of imagination and the outpouring of energy is in action.

You will hear thunder and remember me,

And think: she wanted storms. The rim

Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson,

And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.

                                                Anna Akhmatova

Let your fire be as steady as your heart.








For all the devastation of these dark times -the attacks on women, children, the elderly, immigrants, the land, on the truth, international relationships, – T-rump’s essential role as the cruel Fool has catalyzed a fierce awakening. He has woken us up. If Hillary had won, we would be tempted to apathy – without suffering, without feeling. Now, we are engaged, we are concerned, our hearts are broken on a continual basis with the daily news of more devastation. Still, we rise. From the depths of our wild, wise selves we are seeing in the dark and bringing our wild medicine to the surface. We are turning what was shameful – our caring hearts, our feminine power – into brave and effective actions, together. Millions of women around the world marched for life in January wearing pink pussy hats. In this widespread show of humor, of flamboyance, of strength, of pride, women reclaimed a “dirty” word that has been used to degrade, insult and shame women long before T-rump used it in his crude boast about sexual assault.

Monday, March 27th 2017 was a new moon in the fire sign of Aries. This marks the beginning of the New Year in the zodiac, the strongest new moon of the year. Aries energizes leadership, fires up new ideas, ignites action for charting a new course. Venus, sacred to the Goddess of love and beauty in many traditions, is retrograde, gone to the underworld to reclaim – like Inanna – shadow parts of herself which have been repressed and ignored. For women this is often our exiled feminine power.

This feminine power is buried within all of us. “The one who knows”, as Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls her, is breaking through frozen ground like spring grass and blossom as we saw in women’s marches and brave actions around the world.

Our deepest sources of creativity and understanding lie out of sight in darkness, in the unconscious. We must learn how to perceive “through the eyes of soul as well as through the eyes of the ego.” This dual way of seeing, being, and acting, Dr. Estes explains, is the most direct way to reclaim the gifts and the “healing apothecary” set into each soul at birth. We must learn to see in the dark to mine the raw gems of mystery, dreams, sudden knowings, and the shadows of power as individuals and as society.

Many of the dreams I am hearing, and experiencing myself, take place in group settings – conferences, classes, circles. The purpose generally seems to be some kind of learning, some kind of education. The root of the word educare is to bring forth, to transform. We are carriers and midwives of the new myth. It is a collective dream. Of many ways to dream this dream onward, to strengthen the New Story, I find sharing our dreams, writing and telling story, and encouraging each other to step into the light with what we know, what we see, of “What is To Come” is most powerful. In the following dream, we women in a hostile environment wash off the shame of patriarchal projections, and find our way to the beauty and joy of community as we reclaim our wild souls, our wisest selves.

Dream #1: Surfing with Flamingos

There are many of us women staying in a hostel. I step into the rustic tin walled shower and find it clogged with black, inky water from the women who have showered before me. I am quite indignant at the poor maintenance of this place. As I shower the water washes black ink off of me as well. Eventually the water runs clear and drains. I see out the window a view of the ocean and go down to the beach for a swim. In the water to my left, a flock of flamingos is surfing a wave to shore, grouped in the curl of the wave.

The dream of a “hostel” where the women must wash off black dye seems to speak to the dark projections of the hostile Masculine which have shamed us and shut us off from the beauty and power of our wild natures. When we wash off these projections and rinse off our shame, we are free to come into the light. Called by the wild wisdom of nature and the vast ocean’s creativity and mystery, we find our way to the ocean where the flamingos are surfing. They are a joyful community, a flamboyance of feminine energy and magic, surfing the large waves of change.

Here are some gifts from Flamingo medicine which come from several of her unique features

~Balance: ~With her long legs, wades in deep water while remaining grounded.

~ Just as Flamingo wades into the muddy waters and stands at the edges of the shoreline to locate and taste shrimp, we find the real nourishment and aliveness for us stands at the shoreline of our souls. These are the thresholds of our most dramatic and challenging changes.

~The upper part of the beak is hooked sharply, almost as if broken. This movable part scoops up mud, forcing it through a comb-like structure (lamellae), retaining what is edible. This distinct ability to eat upside down, filtering food from the mud and silt, speaks to the need for us to learn how to filter our soul lessons and soul nourishment from the emotional waters.

~Radiant, vibrant, graceful, beautiful, elegant, flamingos are a fine example of feminine beauty and magic. Be bold, be brave, show your colors.

~Associated with the Phoenix, flamingos are a sign of rebirth, of resurrection. You can rise again from devastation, your fall from grace. As a guidance totem and heart healer: Discern what is poisonous or not useful in your life and what can heal your wounds.

~They are shapeshifters, masters of illusion as they stand on one leg, or tuck their heads, and can bend over backwards.

~The flamingo’s tongue is unusually large and fleshy for a bird, acting as a powerful pump to pull water backwards and expel through filters. The tongue gives us speech. Communication is a gift of Flamingo. Use your voice!

~This is a 30 million year old species within the crane family, pointing to our ancient power as creators, as artists of life. In spite of the overuse of flamingos as decorative, tacky lawn ornaments, they have power and medicine in two areas vital to us as women:

The creative process.

Coyote medicine.

Exposes illusions, or makes them

A shapeshifter

A Trickster

~Because of her pink color, associated with the heart chakra, Flamingo reminds us what you put into your heart influences your colors. Flamingo is a visionary and draws its power from water, from our emotional life and from the collective unconscious.


O mother of the sea

Lend me a wave that is strong and true

To carry me from this Age which binds me.


I do not need a ship, mother,

But make it a buoyant swell

To bear me up and float me on the sea’s dreaming

Then beach me on some lighter shore…

                                                      Sharon Blackie, “Peregrina”




Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.

Linda Hogan

Marching in Oakland, California on January 21 with thousands of other women, men, children of every age and ethnicity I felt the weight of the previous ten weeks finally lift. Recalling the marches of the 60’s against the war in Vietnam, this felt celebratory, hopeful, joyous. My three year old grandson danced to the music of a Dixieland band as my daughter and I stood in our Mt. Nasty T-shirts. There was no tear gas here. No violence, no arrests in any of the international marches. We continued all day to watch TV coverage of the worldwide marches like a tonic, a balm, an antidote to the dark and shocking illness of the Election.

The November 9th morning after the results were in, sleepless and felled by a flu-like force, I faced an afternoon of teaching an online class on “The Way of the Wild Feminine: Dream a New Story, Draw a New Map of the World”. This week’s topic was the Way of the North- Destiny, the Place of the Give Away. It was supposed to be inspiring. It was meant to be uplifting. I planned to talk about the emerging wild and sacred Feminine consciousness, the turning of an Age, the death of the patriarchy and the excesses of greed, domination, conquest, destruction. Instead, the most extreme, shallow, cartoonish version of patriarchal shadow was elevated to power. It was impossible! I would have to cancel the class. Flattened, devastated, hollowed, speechless, I wasn’t quite in my body.

But other women from around the world would show up online. Maybe we needed to talk about this. I prayed for help, for guidance, for Goddess of Wisdom Sophia to be next to me to lend strength. What I heard was: I will not be next to you, I will speak through you. Much relieved, I began the class. Women found their “standing rocks”, the bedrock of their values, beliefs. We spoke with sorrow, anger, heartbreak, fierceness for what truly matters. We rose like mountains to find a higher, wider perspective. We found the grounding and solidity of rock, the “thinking like a mountain” by embodying that strength and timelessness from the inside out. The stories were not so much the climbing of the mountain path in a struggling or striving way, but the adventures of the spiral journey of our own individual paths, unique gifts and Give Aways for this time. What had begun as a morning of absolutely the worst time and timing, became a place of perfect time, of perfect timing. We called on Grandmother Spider Women to weave our thoughts and stories into the starry skies, to claim the magic and joy of Hummingbird medicine. To stand in the center of our own power without flinching, and to boldly commit to living our wild heart wisdom in the world from now on.

We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.                                                                                           Ursula le Guin

 We are all storytellers. We are all mythmakers, dreaming a common dream, bringing the old and the new story of human culture and consciousness together. Myths can be medicine for our culture.  As Jean Houston puts it: We not only live in a Universe; the Universe lives in us. We participate at every moment in supporting or challenging the existing myths of women’s place in the world and what it means to be human.

The wild genius of feminine wisdom has a new story to tell, and is drawing a new map of the world. The word “draw” means to make a picture, as in sketching, writing or speech. But it also means to pull in a certain direction, to attract, to bring forth like a pump draws water. What are you being called to do by future generations? In this new story, this story of Becoming, we can map out a world “in which it will be easier to love” (Father Paolo Freire).

Are our hearts on fire? In those days of the 1960’s, during the anguish of the Vietnam war, something beautiful did begin to bloom. The summer of love. The hope of a New Age, the dawning of a new day. Perhaps this could be a Renaissance of that hope. Perhaps now is the very best time to use our power to dream a new story, for ourselves, for the world.

After an earlier Webinar I dreamed there was a huge, thick, beautifully illustrated book on the coffee table. Titled “Motherworld”,  it is an atlas. Maps of the world. Because it is we women who are the mythmakers, the carriers of the emerging possible, the wisdom keepers, the keepers of the flame. And it is time for us to come alive to our new stories and home to our wild, wise selves.And to tell these stories to each other.

The wild feminine is not only sustainable in all worlds, it sustains all worlds. Let’s admit it. We women are building a motherland; each with her own plot of soil eked from a night of dreams, a day of work. We are spreading this soil in larger and larger circles, slowly, slowly. One day it will be a continuous land, a resurrected land come back from the dead. Mundo de la madre, psychic motherland, coexisting and coequal with all other worlds. This world is being made from our lives, our cries, our laughter, our bones. It is a world worth making, a world worth living in, a world in which there is a prevailing and decent wild sanity.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Let us become powerful messengers for the beautiful new story that wants to be born now in us, through us, for the good of all. This election has awakened a new sense of power and guidance, an urgent need to reclaim our legacy: The sovereignty of the wild woman, with the men who support the heart of the world. As President Obama said:

“I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change — but in yours.I am asking you to hold fast to that faith written into our founding documents; that idea whispered by slaves and abolitionists; that spirit sung by immigrants and homesteaders and those who marched for justice; that creed reaffirmed by those who planted flags from foreign battlefields to the surface of the moon; a creed at the core of every American whose story is not yet written: Yes, we can.

Yes, we did. Yes, we can.                            (Farewell address, January 10, 2017)





On the morning of the introductory Webinar to an online course on “The Way of the Wild Feminine”, I drew this Tarot card for the group from the Motherpeace (Vicki Noble) deck: XX – Judgment. Healing the Earth. It felt like a blessing for our gathering, in the numinous way that synchronicities do. We wild souls, wise hearted women, are ready to celebrate our old stories and all that we have come through, done, failed to do, suffered, triumphed, gained and lost. Clearing the way to letting go, to dissolving the old roles, identities, maybe careers, perhaps relationships. Mostly letting go of any old story that told us we were not worthy, magnificent, brilliant rays of the sun and creators of the world.

The Judgment Tarot card speaks to the return of the Feminine, a time of healing and regeneration. It directs us to listen to our hearts, and judge for ourselves where the truth lies. In many indigenous and mystical traditions, the Feminine ray of light is coming back into manifestation. Or as pagans and feminists might say, this is the time of the return of the Goddess. In Gnostic teachings, the Female Aion is the great manifested thought. In this Tarot image, the sun’s rays shine the rainbow light of the core Self and the community, expanding the world of the small self. We return to the integrated, holistic world of the goddess with the healing energies of the heart and the Bodhisattva compassion and forgiveness of isis, Tara, Kuan Yin.

This suggests to me that wild mind, Grandmother-Mind, is what we have to bring to bear on the urgent needs of the world. Wild mind is an inclusive, contextual, relational, integrated and visionary intelligence which sees the Both/And realm of possibilities in long range vision, seven generations out. It is a thinking with the heart. From those awakened hearts comes our own wild genius as wisdom keepers. As one of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers said in 2014:

We are standing in the vibration of a sacred prophecy, the prophecy which tells us that consciousness is preparing the spirit of the feminine, the spirit of the Grandmothers.”

Jung’s idea of awakening the indigenous soul, the wild soul, is kin to awakening the Grandmother Mind. This is the unforgotten wisdom that resides at the heart of our psyches. It is not only in some of us. It is within each of us. As Jean Houston puts it: We not only live in a Universe; the Universe lives in us. This is why so many of us are drawn now to the teachings of the Aboriginals, the Hawaiians, Native Americans, Africans. We resonate with their stories for deep within our own souls, our cellular memories, we remember and recall our very own wisdom roots which have been traumatized out of conscious memory.

When we connect to our Wild Feminine power, we shift the field of collective consciousness, allowing each of us to tap into a New Story.

We can reclaim these memories and their power in many ways. One of the most powerful and direct ways is through your dreaming which is a primary focus of the online course.

The night after the Webinar I dreamed there was a huge, thick, beautifully illustrated book on the coffee table. Titled “Motherworld”,  it is an atlas. Maps of the world. Because it is we women who are the mythmakers, the carriers of the emerging possible, the wisdom keepers, the keepers of the flame. And it is time for us to come alive to our new stories and home to our wild, wise selves.And to tell these stories to each other.

The wild feminine is not only sustainable in all worlds, it sustains all worlds.

Let’s admit it. We women are building a motherland; each with her own plot of soil eked from a night of dreams, a day of work. We are spreading this soil in larger and larger circles, slowly, slowly. One day it will be a continuous land, a resurrected land come back from the dead. Mundo de la madre, psychic motherworld, coexisting and coequal with all other worlds. This world is being made from our lives, our cries, our laughter, our bones. It is a world worth making, a world worth living in, a world in which there is a prevailing and decent wild sanity.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

The time is now to restore the wild woman to her rightful sovereignty.

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The Way of the Wild Feminine: A 6 week online course

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The Grandmothers: Secrets of the Old Ones


, ,

A few weeks ago I dreamed a group of us women went down to a pool where a herd of elephants was standing. It was very crowded. We squeezed in, skin to skin, with these giant animals who were so strong, so gentle. As we settled into the water up to our chests, the elephants began to rumble, to vibrate. We were there to learn how to tune into their vibrations, to sound with them, at the same level of 500 waves per second, or maybe minute. The attunement was the task. The harmonizing to the same song. Not quite audible but felt. And in the communication, a message.

What might that message be, for us humans, us women, us Grandmothers? Because this was not a dream about elephants. It was a dream from the elephants.

On the physical level, there is a message about the terrible dangers they are exposed to – poaching, habitat destruction, hunting. But this dream felt more like a reminder, an awakening, for us women in the pool to reclaim the ancient wisdom we have forgotten, of the strength, compassionate power and urgent need to care for our Earth and to dream a new song that will carry us all for generations.

As tough protectors and gentle nurturers, elephant Grandmothers remind us of the importance of family, of tending to the babies, of community. They are a matriarchal society where the elder females have an honored and essential role to play. They are the ones who carry the cultural knowledge and history of the herd. The location of safe areas of plentiful food, of watering holes. Having a Grandmother elephant in the herd has a critical influence on the survival of the babies, of her own daughters if she dies before they are nine years old. Unlike most mammals, elder elephants can continue to bear young so there could even be three generations bearing calves at the same time. Perhaps for us elder women, this trinity represents maiden, mother, crone and speaks to our creativity at any age. Bearing new babies from the wombs of our imagination. Elephants are extremely intelligent with brain structures similar to primates like us humans, chimpanzees, apes, monkeys and cetaceans (whales and dolphins). They have amazing hearing and communicating capacities, able to hear low frequency sounds (infrasonic) better than almost any animal on Earth. And they can communicate at long distances for 5-50 miles, as well as being able to sense through their feet an oncoming thunderstorm, tsunami, herds running at a distance. They are the keepers of memory. The guardians of the land. They keep harmony in the herd, but can be fierce in protecting the young ones. They have great power, stamina and patience which they use in service to the whole, to the community.

In this dream is a story about the law of vibration, about interdependence and interconnection. It is a story told now by physicists as well. When we realize we are all swimming in a mighty Universe of vibrating energy, that we are fields of vibrating energy ourselves, we can then dream new forms with our very thoughts.

As women, perhaps as Grandmothers, we too carry the ancient wisdom, the old stories, that are essential to the wellbeing of future generations.

A poem from artist and author Patricia Reis comes to mind:

From the beginning/We have been with you./We are the ancient ones/And we remember.

We remember the time when there was only love/The time when all breathing was one…

We are the ancient ones/And we have waited and watched/You say that you have no memory of us/You say that you cannot hear our voices…

We say the time of waiting is over/We say the silence has been broken/We say there can be no forgetting now. We say       listen.

We are the bones of your grandmother’s grandmothers/We have returned now/We say you cannot forget us now/We say we are with you/And that you are with us.

Remember. Remember.






This second full moon in Sagittarius in a month, and on the same day as the Summer Solstice, is a rare occurrence and powerful portal. The last time a Full Moon fell on the Solstice was 1967. The midst of the love revolution. This time around, with the powerful energies of Sagittarius, we are encouraged to shoot the moon. Do something we would do only once in a blue moon. Something special, beautiful, and bold. Something magical. Sagittarius asks: What is your deepest truth? What matters the most to you?

Two nights ago I dreamed an old woman was showing case after case of beautiful stones, each held in a precious metal oval, and spread out on page after page of black velvet. There were three of us viewing the stones, perhaps as buyers. Myself, and a brown skinned couple. The stones are so beautiful, their inner light so radiant, it makes me cry. The old woman says it has been a long time since anyone bought one, but things are picking up. I ask the couple where they are from. He answers “South America”. The wife tells me they are there on a second honeymoon, to renew their vows, and begin again.

The beauty of the stones, each unique in color and texture, all have their own brilliance. This speaks to our uniqueness as individuals, each formed around an inner light. I remark to the woman jewelry seller in the dream that Michelangelo spoke of his work, his craft, as cutting away from the stone all that is unnecessary, to free its essence. This is a message of these times for each of us. This year 2016 is one of purification. The full moon in Sagittarius urging us to shine our brightest light. The dream couple from South America who are beginning a new marriage are a wonderful symbol of the sacred marriage of heaven and earth, the perfect balance on the Solstice of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, and their partnership in bringing the Way of the South back to the world. This refers to a Mayan prophecy that told of human societies splitting into two paths: That of the Eagle, the Way of the North – mind, industrial civilization, the masculine and the path of the Condor, the Way of the South – the path of heart, of intuition, and the feminine. Beginning in 1990 the prediction was a five hundred year cycle where the potential to come together, to fly the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity would emerge. It is only a potential that all of us can contribute to manifesting.

As Thomas Berry reminded us: “We must feel that we are supported by that same process that brought the Earth into being, that power that spun the galaxies into space, that lit the sun and brought the moon into its orbit.”

There are other revolutionary energies arising which challenge us to stand with courage in our integrity for the New Story. A dwarf planet called Eris first appeared in 2005 to shake things up. Named after a Greek goddess, she is a force of discord and fierce rage. In myth she was the uninvited guest to a wedding. She threw down an apple designated for “the fairest of them all” in front of Hera, Aphrodite and Athena which sent them into a dangerous rivalry. The exclusion of this Goddess stands for the snubbing, shunning, marginalization, rejection and demonization of women and Feminine for thousands of years. From the diminished and exiled feminine she returns untamed, fierce and powerful to claim her sovereignty. This is the wild and sacred Feminine. Owned by no one. Prepared to do what it takes to expose the enduring lies that diminish and debilitate humanity. She is a warrior goddess for Mother Nature. She is, along with Uranus – ruler of Aquarius- a Great Awakener. And her powers are coming into balance with the sacred masculine.

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others is the meaning of life.”                                       Marianne Williamson

We are marking the end of an era and old paradigm and the beginning of a new one. This is the image of the South American dream couple who are beginning their marriage again, in a new way. A balance of feminine and masculine energies, the paths of the Condor and the Eagle. There is good fortune and enormous energy available now to all you lovers, healers, dreamers and revolutionaries. The full moon in fiery Sagittarius encourages us to be flexible, adaptable, and adventurous in making our own true paths.

The power of the archers arrow carries visions beyond the horizon with the energy to transform and expand what is calling for creation. In the next weeks, we will also find support for earthing, grounding and nurturing these visions. As Starhawk said:

We are the power in everyone,

We are the dance of the moon and sun,

We are the hope that will not hide,

We are the turning of the tide.

Bounty of Earth



ixchelIx-Chel-Crone-color-high-resc258bba0e4eea5ce319535822dc6c68aAnother world is not only possible, She is on Her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.  Arundhati Roy

Last week, walking on a dirt path along the Marina, lost in thought about my mother and her lost voice, her buried dreams, I almost stepped on a snake. Brown and rust red, it had slid half way out of the dry grasses and onto the path where I stopped just short, maybe a foot away. We were both startled, still for a moment, until the snake made a quick turn back to the grass cover and disappeared. This is the second snake I’ve seen this month, after not seeing one for years. Perhaps it is the drought that brings them into the open, searching for water. Perhaps I have been preoccupied and missed them.Perhaps it is time we women move out of the grass ourselves and into the open, visible on the path. That is what I heard, anyway, from the snake.

These sightings were synchronicities, recalling the big dream I had recently about three gigantic snakes uncovered from a burial mound. In the dream:

My son is driving us along a country road, surrounded by green grassy hills, blooming with wild mustard. Next to the side of the road, slithering in the grass, I spot two thirty foot black snakes undulating like water in the broad blades of grass moving parallel to the road. They have gold symbols or lettering the length of their sides. It looks like Moorish writing perhaps, blocky and bold, brilliantly gold. They have come out of the body of a third huge snake which was uncovered by the diggers on the hill just above us. “Stop the car!” I shout and run out of the car to watch them. They travel for a ways along the road, then move back into deeper grass, the woods.

At first I worry that the diggers have disturbed the snakes, maybe hurting them. But as I reflect, I realize they in fact are archaeologists who have uncovered and released the snakes from an ancient burial mound. The Goddess has emerged. I get back in the car, so we can drive to a family picnic.

The snake is one of the oldest symbols of feminine power, from a time when both women and the serpent were considered sacred. It was known that snake communicates with the Divine, expresses the numinous, the miraculous. Jung said the serpent is a symbol of 7,000 meanings. I am wondering how in the world I can write a snake story without writing a novel? The story is getting even longer. I just discovered today, July 25th, is a Mayan “Day out of Time” when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. It is a day to honor the Mayan Moon Goddess Chak Chel, the Crone aspect of Ix Chel. Depicted in the image here, the serpent headdress shows she has sacred knowledge, intuitive powers, and wisdom of the sciences and of medicine. Chak Chel, “Great Rainbow”, is responsible for the fertility of the land, of humanity, and is the elder teacher of midwives. Keeper of sacred mysteries, she is also midwife of “What is to Come.” She knows what must be done away with before “what is to come” can be built. She brings us the knowledge and the wisdom to make this happen. In early Maya culture, elder women were revered and respected, their knowledge and experience essential to daily survival for the people. Chak Chel has a clay pot full of rainwater and herbs from which, when in a good mood, she pours blessings upon the world, but, when vexed, she sends forth storms, floods and hurricanes.

Widely revered in the mythologies and creation stories of the world, here are some additional symbolic meanings of snake which especially relevant to the archetype of the Wild Feminine and to women’s leadership:

  • A feminine wisdom bound to the Earth and embodying the light of the Divine
  • Goddess of transformation
  • The prophetic oracle at Delphi, navel of the world
  • Wisdom bringer
  • Creation spirit
  • Initiator
  • The greatest, the best hope, the deepest medicine
  • Powers to travel to the depths and above to earth
  • Connects shamanism and modern psychology
  • The Feminine Principle and a Teacher
  • Associated with healing through Hygeia, (visible as double serpents on medical staff)
  • The spiral strands of DNA
  • The flow of rain and rivers
  • The most ancient and wisest animal of all
  • Spirit of Earth and her wisdom
  • Reveals concealed truths

Serpent wisdom comes directly from Nature and our inner experience

In alchemy, the snake represented “ a thinking from the intestines, from the depths as opposed to an academic intellect which is often empty and does not always agree with us…a knowledge that comes from the blood.” (Jung) This wiseblood connects us to our wild nature within, and to Nature’s wisdom in the world.

How can you gain access to the gifts, capacities, stories of the Wild and Sacred Feminine within?

To rewild our psyches, to reclaim our Wild Feminine wisdom, we pay attention to our dreams. We listen to the still, small voice of our intuition. We spend time in Nature. We attend and attune to what we truly love. There are many paths, many teachings, many mentors. You will know which ones are for you, which ones bring you alive. Go do that. Seek your new story, which wants to be born in you. Pay attention to the images and intuitions which come to you directly from the archetypal field. Jung called this field of images and energies the collective unconscious. Biologist and visionary scientist Rupert Sheldrake named it the morphogenetic field. We all exist within this universal field, and have direct access to its store of wisdom and new possibilities.

We need to learn the truth about some of the lies, the misshapen stories, handed down to us about women and feminine power. Like the more familiar story and images of Medusa as a fearsome, raging monster, the Gorgon, who can turn men to stone with just one cold glance. But the real story of Medusa is her position as Goddess, representing female wisdom, medha, also the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. Athena was the young aspect, the daughter of Metis who was swallowed by Zeus, jealous of her wisdom and power. Another Moon Goddess, Medusa has come down through history to us as a raging, man-hating monster rather than the Libyan serpent goddess she truly was. The chthonic one, embodying the spirit of nature within, the protector of women’s wisdom and female mysteries.

“You have only to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she’s not deadly. She’s beautiful and she’s laughing.” Helene Cixous

Thinking with Wild Mind is our awakened feeling for the earth and what is happening to her and all her creatures. In a short statement by a Zulu Sangoma (healer) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa describes the weaving path, the spiral path of Mother Mind, Grandmother Mind, in contrast to Warrior Mind: linear, rational, analytic, competitive, focused on an individualistic goal. The images and energies of Warrior leadership have prevailed for over 5,000 years. When we awaken, embody, and express the energies and consciousness of Wild Mind, the Wild Feminine, we are free to moves sideways, graceful like water, in an evergrowing inclusive spiral of patterns and energies. The openness to what is new and trying to be born, the acceptance of Not-Knowing, the wisdom of collective intelligence are some of the attributes of Wild Mind. It is an indigenous mind. It is also the mind of new science, which speaks with the voice of the Feminine.

As chthonic beings, Wild Women of the earth, we are related to the deities and spirits of the underworld. We must become self-earthed, humble, embodying ancient wisdom. Most of us have been cut off at the roots, separated from our own deepest sourceground of power hidden in the dark, in the earth, in the underground. When we return to being indigenous, which means native, indwelling, deep rooted, we are “born from within” and thus have access to our fullest capacities for creativity, intuition, seeing in the dark, the capacity for transformation.

Joseph Campbell often asserted the need for a new planetary mythology, one based on the crisis and conditions of our times. The Time Is Now.

A chthonic being. Medusa was the inventor of the alphabet, guardian of female secrets of birth and death, especially of the mystery of wise lunar blood. Wise blood. The gold letters on the sides of my dream snakes shine as the divine sparks of light which are hidden in matter. These dream letters communicate, record, carry the secret history of ancient feminine wisdom. What treasures of gold are hidden in your depths, the roots of who you are? The roots that stretch out underground to connect us to one another.

Many indigenous traditions have essential stories, myths, legends about Snake. There is the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent, or the Navajo Snake Woman of the Beautyway ceremony, celebrating her heroic journey.

Perhaps you have had a startling, numinous encounter with a snake. Or dreamed of them. Whether or not you have had such an experience, the archetypal Wild and Sacred Feminine is alive in you and wants you to tell her stories. These are the gifts she offers:

One, as an energy and image of feminine power and knowledge she is not evil but creative and wise.

Two, she reminds us to move like water, weaving and graceful, trusting the nonlinear soul path.

Three, she unites the opposites, upper and lower, dark and light. We need both our light and our shadow.

Four, she is the Divine spark of creation in our bodies. We have everything we need.

Five, snake is capable of endless renewal, growth and transformation. You have unlimited capacities to shed your old skin and expand.

Six, she is the voice of your intuition, healing and enlightenment, sitting there as Kundalini energy at the base of your spine. Already in you, with us.

Seven, she carries prophecies for the future, connecting you to your wild embodied wisdom. Honoring your dreams, your values, your heart, she calls you to take action to midwife “What is to Come”.

For us to fully claim feminine power and female vision as women leaders, we need the Wild and Sacred Feminine archetypal energies and ways of knowing. Otherwise we are limited to the narrow shallow topics of diversity, and equity, and balance, which cannot shift our consciousness or change the world. We have plenty of facts and information proving the efficacy, profitability and numerous benefits of having more women on boards, as leaders, in business and government. Yet little changes. Why is this? It makes no (rational) sense. It only makes sense when we go a bit deeper: To the fears of feminine power that both women and men carry. The fear of the mysterious, the numinous, the magical, the transformative.

If early feminism in the 60’s was about Athena, helping us to become successful as Father’s Daughters, then now is the time to really embody the wisdom and magic of Chak Chel, of Medusa, of the Beautyway, to follow the law of Aphrodite, the Law of Love.

We are being called to go beyond what we can see and know, accepting our kuleana, our responsibility, to take care of what we love.

In 2012, a group gathered on the land of one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers – Flor de Mayo in New Mexico.

During a powerful ceremony, several Mayan male elders spoke of the prophecy that Now was the time to transfer the staff of power from the masculine, where it has been for thousands of years, to the feminine. Now is the time for feminine leadership, with men forming a protective circle around the women. The participants at the ceremony agreed to make the news public, to help empower women around the world to stand and claim their power, to take leadership.

This ceremony echoed the frequently heard Native American prophecy attributed to the Hopi: “When the Grandmothers speak, the world will heal”.

In a recent interview with Nicholas Kristof, just before his 80th birthday, the Dalai Lama said he considers himself a feminist and would like to see more women leaders because he thinks women are often innately more sensitive and peaceful. “I insist that women should carry a more active role,” he said. “If eventually most of the leaders of different nations are female, maybe we’ll be safer.”

We are strongly rooted in our integrative power when we are self earthed, secure in our nature by deepening our connection to the archetypal Wild and Sacred Feminine. We need to befriend what is wild and sacred and feminine in us. This is the key to personal and planetary transformation.

“The shaman and the scientist will work together, the wisdom of the priestess and the physician renew their ancient connection”. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

In the old story, the worldview of separate and independent objects and people, of a linear causality, of a static time and space, these experiences of synchronicity, these glimpses of other dimensions through symbolic intuition, would be impossible. Yet they happen: My sightings of the snakes. The recent snake dream. The Mayan holy day honoring Chak Chel. In astrology, the stationing of Venus that calls us inward, to really get clear on what we truly love. Empowers us to follow that Law of Love as our creative genius.

I especially call to the Grandmothers. The wisewomen, to remember. To use the skill learned and successes achieved as Father’s Daughters, in a masculine world, to the urgent issues of this time fully reclaiming our feminine power and female vision. It is a propitious time to do so.



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In each moment the fire rages, it will burn away a hundred veils. And carry you a thousand steps toward your goal                 Rumi Many mornings this winter I was waking up between 3-5 a.m., with rushes of fear spreading across my collarbone and down the insides of my arms. I have hated it. And really resented being woken up so early, in the dark. I tried all the coping strategies I could think of: Prayer. Chants. Mantras. Swearing. Sometimes I would get up and read. Or better, write. That helped for awhile but made the days very long and tiring. Finally I surrendered, remembered there must be a meaning to this, a purpose, something I needed to know for my own soul growth and evolution. So I sat up in bed and asked it: Fear! What are you doing here? What do you need me to pay attention to? She answered: I’m not fear, I’m Fire. Your heart is on fire and you are ignoring it. It was time to stop stalling and hiding my new story, the new business of Primetime Revival for women’s legacy and leadership. Time to trust my heart and lead with love. Scary indeed. The fear at at the threshold of answering a soul calling, a new story, can be quite intense, way beyond the friendly encouragement to “step out of your comfort zone”. To me, stepping out of my comfort zone refers to trying to hold a Frog stand position in yoga for more than 3 seconds. The leap into the new story can feel like death, and is in fact the death of a former life, identity, path, way of being. This is the transformational process which asks us to surrender to the alchemical power of fire. How do we step across the fear threshold, through the fires of initiation, to align with and live our authentic calling? We need the power and passion of our love for what matters, the “why”, which is much bigger than our personal fears. We need to trust our dreams, desires and the guidance of Self. We need allies, mentors, community. Fear is an instrument of the Self, the soul, placing us in impossible situations to encourage, to force us to bring out some undeveloped and precious part of ourselves. For women, this is very often their power. Jung said: “When it comes to the really great and decisive questions…the rational way proves to be a cul-de-sac.” The solution, the answer, always comes from some unexpected direction, and is represented by a symbol, a dream, a synchronicity, the still, small voice of intuitive whispers. At times like these, we need to renounce our own plans, surrender to the Divine, and allow the great mystery to make a new way. In a book by Rabbi Alan Lew ( Be Still and Get Going) he refers to two definitions for fear in the Hebrew bible. One word is pachad – our worries, worst case scenario predictions, the voice of the inner critic and perfectionist. This is how our small self, the personal ego, shows up. But a second word, yirah, names the feeling that overcomes us as we move into a larger space than we have ever lived in before. The surges of additional energy, like my fiery chest and arms, can feel overwhelming. But it also tells us we are in the presence of the Divine as we draw close to our soul assignment. Safely contained in the spaciousness and knowing of the bigger story of us, gradually the ego will learn to let go and surrender to the powers of the transforming Self. Life can become a continual unfolding of the creative, and the sacred. Becoming fearless we will accept the numinous, mysterious and purposeful guidance of the Self. If you are feeling the anxiety of such a cul de sac, a seemingly dead end in your own life, there are many tools and practices which help. ~First, know that you are not alone. The intensity and quickening you feel are not only your own life changes but the enormous upheaval in the world as we move from patriarchal, dominator cultures to sacred Feminine power, the New Story of partnership and collaboration. The highest version of ourselves is ready to emerge. ~Open up new lines of communication between self and Self by paying attention to dreams, gut instincts, the still, small voice, surprising appearances of animals or people or even songs on the radio, spelling “corrections” on your iPhone. Synchronicities. Let imagination lead. Let yourself play and be happy. Enjoy time in Nature. Follow the wisdom of your heart, your “heart-mind” as the Taoists say. ~Release the old story by telling the truth not only about how you feel, but what you need and desire. And dream. These are holy. It is the Divine coming through you. Be a servant leader. A blessing to others. Awaken to the power to co-create your life and shape the collective future. We women do have the power. Let love lead the way. You don’t need to know the whole story. Just start moving in the direction of your aliveness and joy. Find a tribe to co-create and collaborate with. Fire up your dreams. Life is in many ways a dream, and the collective dream of too many is a shared mass hallucination of decidedly suicidal tendencies! So it is important for you beautiful and brilliant women to live your dreams. Wake up to the magnitude of your influence and imagination. As Beltane approaches, honor the way of the Fool (in Tarot) and Fool’s journey. Be a fool for love, plant your hopes, dreams and creative goals. Be a beginner. Begin. The Universe is conspiring to bring you your greatest good, your greatest success. Teilhard de Chardin wrote of the importance of “conspire” meaning to breathe together in a conspiracy of love. Let’s be such conspirators. This we say also as we hold the beautiful people of Nepal in our hearts after the terrible earthquakes. Dream Wisdom: On Her Way One of the core meanings of Beltane is the marriage, the coniunctio, of the sacred Feminine and Masculine. In a recent dream, a very hopeful image of both the return of the sacred Feminine and the creative support of the masculine appeared: I am worried the Goddess has turned Her back on us in this world of wars and conflicts, the destruction of the environment. I haven’t seen Her in awhile. I walk into a large, light art studio where a male sculptor friend is working on a tall block of granite. It is somewhat in the shape of a tombstone, about three feet across, four or five feet high. There seems to be nothing there yet. But wait. A slight rounded shape at the top, the back of a head. The sculptor turns the stone around and I can see the beginnings of a Goddess form. He continues working, carving intricate details of the Goddess Venus of Willendorf. Then the shape begins to move out of the block. She comes out of the stone followed by a stream of different Goddesses, all moving out of the stone and dancing into the room. Kuan Yin. Tara. The Minoan snake Goddess with snakes in her arms. Pele with masses of curls. I am so shocked by this in the dream that I cannot remember all that I saw. Only that the Goddesses were alive, released, and dancing, at the hands of this faithful sculptor. I awoke with such hope for the future. The divine Masculine in service to the emerging, wild and sacred Feminine. The Celtic holy day of Beltane or “bright fire” is today, May 1. This is the beginning of beginnings, the emergence from darkness and winter with the seeds of our new story. As spring is the regreening of our world, perhaps it is also the season for the regreening, the rewilding, of you. It is time to celebrate life, joy and abundance. Dancing around a May pole, we celebrate the marriage, the coniunctio of Feminine and Masculine. This is a magical time, a time of “No Time”, when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, the faeries, ancestors and helping spirits come close. Fire has a sacred healing and purifying power, burning off the unwanted and unnecessary aspects of ourselves to leave our essence. So let’s celebrate the marriage of our own complementary energies, the Feminine and the Masculine and celebrate a marriage which promises renewal of ourselves and the world. The birth of a new story. A new life. Come into the dance of life! 480777149_056c90f467Steele_Day Lily II Unknownsc



I sat in my car today under a fragrant plum blossom tree which showered the pavement with white celebratory confetti, listening to the Ira Glass radio program “This American Life” on women in science. March is Women’s History month, and so much of our amazing, accomplished history needs to be resurrected. In the radio interview, three authors of books and a documentary on several brilliant discoverers and explorers told of the woman who first mapped the ocean, an astronomer who found new galaxies, the first inventors of computers, the discoverer of pulsars. And of course how crystallographer Rosalind Franklin’s images of DNA were stolen by Watson and Crick and never credited to her.

Last week at a networking event in Silicon Valley, a woman executive told me a story about the psychic cost of working there. “I love to ride my bicycle along the coast”, she said, “but the minute I return and cross (Highway ) 280, I feel the dense fear and anxiety hitting me like a stone wall.”

These are all old, old stories. Much of what presently passes for power is really fear. The old patriarchal story was created from the myth and illusion of a separate self that must be defended at all costs. It is a story that is dangerous and harmful to all, including the men who live it. The good news of this month is that there are rare and potent cosmic energies -the solar eclipse, supermoon and spring equinox – that bring a superabundance of Divine Feminine creativity to assist us all in releasing these false old stories and to reimagine a more beautiful and true new story.

The present planetary alignment echoes the 1960’s, a time of deep revolutionary change, leaps of consciousness and vast social movements. This time the changes can be more firmly rooted and grounded leaving us in a new reality. The Primetime women who came of age during the 60’s are especially gifted and called to a new story which will benefit all.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Frederick Buechner

This New Moon eclipse in Pisces symbolizes the completion of an old story about yourself and your role in the world, and the dissolving of false illusions that once sustained your life. The two fish of the Pisces symbol facing in opposite directions swim in an Ocean of Being, of Oneness. But I also see them as looking towards the past, or towards the future. This super moon so close to Earth is bringing to light your soul’s mission. A profound new beginning, a new story, is possible for you now with abundant energies available for your wild freedom and success. Time for a fresh start! There is an enormous infusion of Divine Feminine consciousness, energy and the power to create and to change.

This new story must have a deep alignment with your soul to truly awaken you and move you along the evolutionary pathway you are meant to travel. It very possibly is a time to face some shadows of your old story but you have the courage and strength now to look at them head on. The changes you have been burning to make are now possible.

Do you have a project, a business, a long held dream you have been yearning to manifest? This month is a time to anchor a new sense of responsibility for the power you do have, to release the trappings of the false self. To start living in your wild zone, the zone of your genius. Even your challenges can be springboards for a bid to power.

Ask for support from allies, guides, the elements, your dreams.

Find and anchor a new sense of responsibility for giving your gifts and for breaking through the barriers of your own self limiting beliefs.

Set intentions and get clear by imagining, affirming and taking action towards the story you now want to live. Draw, write, do a collage, write your business plan, make that phone call, share your intention in a trusted group as you both picture and feel in all your senses how you want to live.

Never believe you don’t make a difference. Every thought, belief and action you create has a morphic resonance and enlivens the archetypal and quantum field in which we all swim. Choose your path. Define power and success for yourself. Extricate yourself from the trappings of deadening thinking and no-win stories that close your heart.

We are all called to be the healers of our times. This is a defining moment amidst rapid change and chaos, the destruction of so much of our beautiful planet. The imagination creates. It is through the imagination that we begin to reclaim the gifts of the feminine spirit, the first of which is joy.

We women are myth makers. We are called to service. Heed the call. Follow your wild heart.

“The heart’s way of knowing opens the door to the stars, to non-limited seeing and healing,” writes Miriam Greenspan in Dark Matter, Women Witnessing.

As we move past the Pisces eclipse, we can choose our direction: Sinking back into our old story, or forward with our new story. The strongest calling of this time is for us to free ourselves from fear, insecurity, and the illusion of separateness that the patriarchal old story clings to.

As astrologer Holly Penn (Mosaic Astrology) says “we are visionary and fully awake…possessing a creative power that is off the charts.”

We women are mythmakers, the tellers of the new story. Freed of past illusions and the limitations of our old stories, it is time to go all out to create our future.

I am not an astrologer, but learn so much from this site:


ID-10013213…For there is a boundary to looking

And the world that is looked at so deeply

Wants to flourish in love.

Work of the eyes is done, now

go and do heart-work

on all the images imprisoned within you