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Every morning I take my grandson to practice walking in the sand of the Marina, watching the dabbling ducks, Canadian geese, chortling pigeons, black and white stilts with their brilliant orange legs. Scout especially loves the pigeons. Perhaps it is the majestic sweeps they make overhead, or their constant cooing, or the magical iridescent colors of their neck feathers. Monday as we walked I found myself singing “When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” I had watched an old YouTube recording of the Fifth Dimension singing this theme song from the 1967 musical Hair, and wonder if there is any hope for peace in the Mideast. So much peace near the pond yet my heart breaks at news of more dead civilians in Gaza. The children! There is absolutely no justification, no religious or political legitimacy, to the intentional harming and killing of children. None. We are the adults, the parents, the grandparents whose first priority is to care for the children. All the children.

Are our hearts on fire? In those days of the 1960’s, during the anguish of the Vietnam war, something beautiful did begin to bloom. The summer of love. The hope of a New Age, the dawning of a new day. Perhaps this could be a Renaissance of that hope. Perhaps now is the very best time to use our power to dream a new story, for ourselves, for the world.

Last summer I wrote this poem, called Heart-Bone

Once when I had yelled at my daughter,

Five years old, as I struggled to fix the garbage disposal

She said “You hurt me in the heart-bone.”

Twenty one years later,

We prepare for her summer wedding.

Deep in the earth, new life stirs.

Deep in the sky, the sister stars rise.

On my dining room table, sunflowers cluster

Like a field in Italy.

We could carry our hearts into the world

Like sunflowers.

Open and bountiful

Seeding what we love

Blessing the greening of the earth,

The one true heart-mind,


Sun fire   earth fire

Heart fire

Warms us down to the bone.

The heart is our doorway to a new story, a new birth, a new map for the world. Do not listen to the old stories that claim love is wishy -washy, the heart is weak. Those are the lies of the estranged ones, the fearful and cowardly ones. There is nothing stronger than the lion hearted. Use the light available at this time to fire up your courage. Bring yourself into the world you long to see. Power your dreams that have awakened you in the wee hours of the dark night, under the full moon, in the middle of a summer’s day.

Don’t waste time attacking dead ideas and old stories of power. Use everything – magic, intention, science – to allow a new story to manifest. Every thought you have directly affects every event in the universe. Awaken to your new dream. Take action to make it real, to bring it to life. Share your true, deep story of who you are and why you are here.

Aquarius SuperMoon August 10 is one of 5 supermoons this year. Close to the Earth and especially powerful, this is a chance to break free of the old story. We need to restructure. In the midst of struggle and the tension of old, rigid patterns, a breakthrough could come. Or a startling event that wakes you up. Time for out of the box thinking! This Full Moon illuminates supportive networks, flashes of genius, kindred spirits, quantum leaps in spiritual growth. Be true to yourself. Act on behalf of human freedom.

It is a time of magic to connect with the energies and illuminating spirit of the sun and the returning soul of the world. The practice of magic always begins with an image, an imagining. As John Lennon sang “You may think that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. An image, especially a shared one, can shift us out of the limitations of our culture in a way just words cannot. It allows us to see the possibilities of other dimensions, non-ordinary reality. But seeing with the long eye, the strong eye, is not enough. Magic is nothing without will-determination, directed and intentional action, energy. The Sun, moon and other cosmic forces come together to bring us into the New Age of Light. Sun in Leo illuminates who we are and what we are to be and do.

Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates our way forward into the new world. Now we come to understand and realize our unique design and destiny for this new time. It is important to come together in groups to power our dreams.

August is the month of illumination. There are great new opportunities in this Renaissance year. On August 22-23, according to astrologer Dane Rudhyer, we enter the Aquarian Age. Our soul purpose is revealed, come to light. This is a time of global awakening, and a time for the emergence of Aquarian avatars. In Sandra Ingerman’s June Transmutation News heard a spirit voice say “Tear up the old script.” The old story is done. Reading this was a synchronicity for me, as I had just dreamed: There is a man climbing a red ladder holding a manuscript. He is going to hand the new script to the theater troupe waiting on the stage above.

Do not abandon yourself. Accept the real you. Don’t hide your light. Become your Soul Self. Be creative. Get exercise to release tension and lessen anxiety. Dance, make music, make love, sing. And take action!

Leo rules the heart. All lights are lit. Be an unblocked channel for love. Pay attention to your dreams, chance encounters, sparks of intuition. This is a power gate of fire. A magic seed time. Whatever you focus and intend now will flower in the Fall.

Yesterday as I was driving to lunch with two old college friends, the cloudy humid sky caught my attention. There was a huge sweep of pink painterly clouds, with just a small circle of light green in the center. “Oh, there’s going to be a rainbow”, I thought, and continued to watch as it grew, the colors intensifying. Finally I pulled over so I wouldn’t miss the whole thing or have an accident. By now, there was a red streak at the top of the clouds, patches of pink, a line of yellow. The green circle had grown to a center of turquoise, surrounded by light blue. And at the bottom, the longest section of this formation, a baseline of purple.

The beautiful unbounded rainbow first shone in the colors of the heart chakra, pink and green. That is all I can think about today. What new dreams can begin in the heart? How can we carry our light and the power of love into the world? What do you love? Who do you love? Shine that light. Let your heart sing. Heal the blows to the heart bone. Take that new vision, the new project, the new dream for your life, and let her shine. The iridescent clouds showed me a rainbow so much larger than the usual closed bridge form. As wondrous as rainbows are, perhaps reality is that the entire universe is colored brilliantly like that but we only have a glimpse, now and then. Be like that with your colors, your light. Do something surprising and brand new and beyond old limitations. Be aware of your powers, the gifts that only you can give, and give them. Light your heart fire




Tell a New, Wild Story – Map a New, Wild World


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We live and create, ourselves and our world, by the stories we tell. We need the true stories of women and the deep dreams of the wild and sacred Feminine to orient and guide us. It is time to recapture history and reclaim a stolen legacy.We are looking for new lands.

We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.                                               Ursula le Guin

As we come to the summer solstice, we gather the power of fire, the courage of the lion, the energies of transformation, the magic of Pele who creates new lands.The most important focus is to strengthen our inner authority, to be the authors of our own lives.

Pele as an archetype is the passionate, creative and transformative force that rebuilds the landscapes of our lives and makes a new map of the world. At the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, we are called to step into our power. Fire brings renewal, the bounty of the earth, clarity, focus, and the ability to move forward and take action. Last year around this time I dreamed of a great lion with bright red hibiscus flowers behind her ears, seated on my front porch. In the dream, a writer friend told me the lion had many stories to tell. I enjoy revisiting this image often, as the lion is such a powerful animal, symbol of courage, royalty, wisdom, strength, who is also the keeper and protector of alchemical secrets. These secrets are the stories of women’s lives, long exiled to the underworld, but now emerging to map a new world.

Time for you, dear reader, to blaze a trail. Illuminate the path you have found, as a wayfinder. Be a beacon in leadership, leading with sparks of inspiration, the fire in your heart. Fire transforms situations, conditions, living and nonliving beings. Envision your new ways of being and actualizing. Ignite the visions aligned with your soul assignment. Fire is a sign of action. Entertain the possibilities that give you a tingle of energy, and take aim. Be willing to be a fool for the emerging self. You may only have a glimpse of the new big picture for yourself, for the world.The summer solstice brings power to you. It is also the time to enjoy the warmth and bounty of the season. To have fun, to play.

What does your own personal myth look like? Your soul story is your medicine. What is the work your deeper life is calling you to? What makes your heart sing? Find your myth. Reconnect to source. Bring this new story to life. “Carry your heart into the world like a life giving sun” (Hafiz) When we women tell our own stories we are creating the world, the cultural myths through which power is defined and maintained.

The map of the psyche and the map of the world are reflections of the same story. Right now, much of the world is living the deeply rooted myth of a separate self. This is changing, as the ancient indigenous wisdom and the new revelations in science reunite through the emerging wild feminine. Her stories return the missing piece of wholeness to the self and soul to the world. With our wild hearts and soul wisdom we can be wayfinders, explorers, pilgrims and discoverers. We use the wisest map which begins in the heart.

We move with the rumblings and tumblings of the waves of the future calling to us. When we work in collaboration with the energies of nature, and connect to our spiritual source, we can pull islands out of the sea.

“If you can see the island in your mind, you will never get lost” said Mau, master navigator in The Wayfinders by Wade Davis(2009)…

Can you see the image of your desired island?

Here is a short version of a manifestation practice to bring a new dream into being:

Haipule- . Hai is a root word meaning “desire or need”, “to present an offering”, and “to pursue”. Pule is a prayer, blessing, also a magical spell. When we look more deeply into the roots of this word, we find pua – to appear, pu’u – to desire, lele – to burst forth, and le’a – to succeed. In addition to the meanings of words, we are guided to the process of how manifestation happens, and is blessed. You can do this short process throughout the day.

Ha means to energize by deep breathing and remembering.

I means to affirm what you want.

Pu means to imagine what you want.

Le means to perform an action. So the process of haipule is to affirm, imagine, and act to create a new dream. When your new dream has enough energy, it becomes reality. That is, it replaces the current dream.

Longer processes of empowering Haipule engage the elements of Nature, and strengthening connection to spirit, to Source, through creative and expressive activities. (This version of haipule from shaman and author Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.)

If your dream is a collective one, like working for the protection of the environment or peace, it is most effective to do these practices in a group, in community, with collective wisdom.

Recently we lost two brilliant courageous and revolutionary women Wayfinders, Angeles Arrien and Maya Angelou. In the practice of honoring the dead by living from the example they set, we can each contribute our spark of hope, the courage of our wild hearts, our imagining the new story, the new land. This is an exciting and powerful time for wild feminine visionaries. For just a few examples: Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, has just reversed permission for five dams which would have gravely damaged Patagonia. Martha Beck, author and mentor, has a visionary book out – Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

There are many coaching, mentoring and online businesses which reclaim the mighty Feminine: The Essential Feminine Company (Maureen Simon), Aphrodite Academy, Goddess Academy (Elizabeth Purvis), Feminine Power (Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward). Nancy Mills and The Spirited Woman Foundation, who reminds us in her Summer Solstice post that tomorrow is a day we will have no shadows. So if you are burdened by the shadows of self doubt, of fear of owning your full and magical powers, tomorrow enjoy your freedom to create! Discover a new island. It is calling us to come to a new, wild world of connection, peace, and harmony.

“When we come to it 
We must confess that we are the possible. 
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world. 
That is when, and only when 
We come to it.

~ Maya Angelou ~ (A Brave and Startling Truth 1995, United Nations 50th anniversary)







Crossroads: New Story of Self, New Map for the World


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It is very windy today, the new green leaves shimmering with light, white blossoms cartwheeling along the street. The very air is heavy with fragrance of freesia, roses, orange blossoms, daffodils. The Earth herself celebrating this Earth Day, expressing her beautiful, bountiful self. The wind is almost like a roar, a call, and I am reminded of Arundhati Roy’s hopeful message:

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

The yellow rose in its spiral unfolding makes me happy, calls me to the aliveness at my core. It is the color of our third chakra – fire, personal power, warrior energy, focus and freedom. Our sense of identity, self love and belonging to the world live here. We find our fire, our intuition, our energy for transformation.

We are at a crossroads for the survival of the Earth, and are called, each one of us, to a new story. The recent lunar eclipse on April 15 showed us a possible balancing of the energies of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. This is a powerful time of transformation, when we can, and are called, to reinvent ourselves, to rewrite our stories. In terms of evolutionary consciousness and astrology, we are at this moment caught between the opposites in four directions. At a crossroads. Which direction to take?

You perhaps are experiencing an identity crisis, a separation from who you were to who you are becoming. There is a pull to a new future, a new story, a new chapter, which we can only find by centering ourselves in our hearts. We need to tell the truth about what really matters to us – in relationships, in work, in the place we live. In freeing ourselves to live from the truth in our hearts, we free others as well. Be an instrument of transformation. Bring light, bring love.

Wild women, take a risk to be your powerful selves and empower others. Hafiz says it like this:

Like a Life-Giving Sun

You could become a great horseman

And help to free yourself and this world

Though only if you and prayer become sweet 

It is a naive man who thinks we are not 
Engaged in a fierce battle,

For I see and hear brave foot soldiers 
All around me going mad,

Falling on the ground in excruciating pain.

You could become a victorious horseman

And carry your heart through this world 
Like a life-giving sun

Though only if you and God become sweet Lovers!

In the world right now, we can see many examples of the old way, the old leaders, being toppled. This is happening, too, in our personal lives as the old ruler of identity, the ego, is edged out by the heart and soul of who we truly are. Your direction may be changing, separating you from who you thought you were. Life is pushing and pulling you to become more of who you are in your glorious fullness. Do your best to breathe, to foster gratitude for your past and honor all you have been. The tables are turning, we are spiraling into new growth.

This is a good time to try new things, to step outside your comfort zone, to take a risky creative step. This is a time of endings, and of new beginnings. A time of initiation. Perhaps you are finding an entirely new dimension of yourself, doing something you have never done before.

Did I mention breathe? Allow the currents of life to flow through you, and trust that life is guiding you to align with your soul’s purpose even if many old things and situations are falling by the wayside. Use this time to ride the waves, don’t wait. To nurture the fires of your courage, confidence and clarity, breathe into the area of your body just above your navel and below your diaphragm. Bring light into every one of your 100 trillion cells. Let’s carry our hearts through the world like life-giving suns!

One of the best ways to orient yourself during times of uncertainty and big changes are to pay attention to your dreams. They are messengers from your soul to awaken you. Like the lion headed goddess with a huge red hibiscus behind each ear who began to appear in my dreams last summer, bringing her strength and magic.

Dreams are one of the most direct experiences of the divine – for healing, guidance, warnings, new creative possibilities, surprising solutions to problems. The Dreamtime is a territory I have travelled, a language of the soul I have learned, over several decades. I would love to explore your dreams with you, to honor your blossoming self. Call or email if you have a dream you’d like to explore. And we will work to manifest a new dream for your life. More on manifestation on the next blog.





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Early this morning, I woke to the luminous full moon shining in my bedroom window.  A circle of pinkish, pale green set it like a jewel, reflected in the feathery canopy of white clouds.  My sleep interrupted, I was able to recall the last scene of dream I was having:

A dark haired woman steps up to the microphone on the small raised platform. We are surprised she speaks for herself and doesn’t have a professional public relations representative. She is the wife of a race car driver, holding court off to one side in his flashy neon silks, surrounded by adoring teenagers. But it is she who steps up, in her plain dress, perhaps with a baby in the crook of her arm.

She tells us: “We have forgotten how to shine our light. “

Then she turns on a brilliant beacon into the pale blue sky. At first it is hard to see in the light.  She changes the sky to night, awash in millions of stars, and directs the yellow beam out into the galaxies.  It glows steadily, makes a path that calls out like a signal fire, a searchlight. “This how we shine our light.”

            This woman is not flashy, doesn’t depend on slick salesmanship. She just shines her own strong, true light and offers it as a beacon for others to shine. We have forgotten how to sine.

“The original shimmering self gets buried so deep that most of us end up hardly living out of it at all. Instead we live out all the other selves, which we are constantly putting on and taking off like coats and hats against the world’s weather.” Frederick Buechner, Telling Secrets


This beacon is a light within each of us. We each have a wise and creative inner authority.It is not only a lamp shining, but a pathway into the future. This dream beacon is like one of those enormous spotlights you see at shopping mall sales. It calls out to passersby: Come here! This way!  Like a lighthouse that shows the way in the dark, this is the light each of us awakened, wild women have within.  We take our place among all the other stars, the luminaries, in the universe.


            Last week I was sitting in Peet’s coffee shop, writing and enjoying a cappuccino with plenty of powdered chocolate sprinkled on top. I was wondering about a title for a 2014 teleclass for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and cultural creatives. Maybe “Rise and Shine!” or “Wild Women Rule!” Across the shared table, a dark haired woman with large gold hoop earrings talked animatedly on a phone while tapping on her laptop computer. Intuitively, I liked her. She looked like a passionate, creative, energetic woman. “Can I ask you a question?” I said when she finished her call. “Which of these titles do you like better for a program I’m developing next year. Wild Women Rule, or Rise and Shine?” She laughed. “Absolutely, Wild Women Rule” she answered. “It’s right to your point. And the other sounds like a breakfast product. “ So that’s what we begin with in 2014.

            Although it is a few days from the winter solstice, and the beginning of the return of the light, I am more energized by the light than feeling the dark. All around the world in the news, online, in meetings, the fire and flames of wild women appear  with their passion, creativity, courage and new visions for our world. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see. We women carry the vision of the emerging possible.

We bring new stories of self. We make a new map for the world.

The next year is the time for the fierceness of the solar feminine, the powerful protective and fierce lion goddess.

Bring both the darks and the lights of you into the New Year. The years of wandering, the dismal failures, the exhilarating successes. Carry your soul assignment and express it into the world as a beacon. Shine your light! It is within you, every bit of ancient wisdom you need to tell new stories that will bring us to a wild peace, to a world in which it will be easier to love.

            Answer the call of the bigger stories that long to be told through you. This is a time of power for wild women. And you do not have to do this alone.

At this moment, women are being called to stand in their power. Not to stand against anything or anyone, or even to stand for something. Rather to stand in, to become, the creative fire of fire goddess Pele who makes new lands. To embody the courage, strength, willpower of  the lion goddess The Mighty One. The Lady of the Place at the Beginning of Time. One Who Was before the Gods were. The Keeper of the Flame.

In addition to being a guardian and protector, strong assertive, sthis lioness, embodying the solar feminine,  also stands for Right Action. She is beautiful. She is brilliant.

All this dark season, take care of your own seed of light within. Be ready to speak from your light, to offer a beacon, to stand as a lighthouse, to help make a pathway for those committed to the protection, healing, transformation of our dear planet. Reach for the stars.                  

Closely twinned with the energies of pleasure and play, this shining of our light is also our greatest joy.

Turnon your light. Shine!

Welcome the dream maker, the shaman within, the magic manifestor.

Women are the catalysts. Now is the time. Turn on your light. Act from that radiance. It is the fire of your soul.

As Marion Woodman says: The wild feminine is essential to building a new vision and value for our dear planet Earth.





The Real Battle Line on Gender? Men Versus Men

A wonderful blog by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox on the need for women’s leadership with feminine power and female vision. Rather than advising women to adapt to the dominant norm in order to succeed, or to “lean in”, she argues “this isn’t ambitious enough for our times”. Exactly! It’s time for women to redefine power, revision success, and change the world. Wild women rule…and smart, courageous men can help change the culture. It’s time to leap.

PrimeTime Revival


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It is still summer, and in California we have a usually warm Indian summer to look forward to in September and October. Outside my window, tribes of red finches and swirls of hummingbirds zoom around my neighbor’s bird feeders, dabble in the climbing jasmine, the tall tufts of scarlet penstemon. This is a time of abundance and creativity for the Earth. Perhaps a very good time to pay attention to our bodies, our vitality, our health. Many people ask me what in the world I have done this year, to lose almost 40 pounds. To not just be lighter but to shine more light. So in honor of summer, and thinking of how important it is to be strong and healthy, especially in these PrimeTime years, I thought I’d share just seven simple things to begin with which have totally changed me. First, the true backstory.

After a year of dental operations and two titanium implants, my system had gone quite awry with the impact of general anesthetics, weeks and weeks of antibiotics, the sheer trauma of surgeries. Not being able to chew salads for months didn’t help. I was fatigued a lot of the time. In spite of many helpful practices, acupuncture and massage, I began having severe stomach aches. The doctor recommended an endoscopy. “Hmm”, I said. “No way” I thought. And I changed everything about my diet. Not only did I heal my stomach. I shed 40 pounds. And I woke up out of a sludgy sleepy state.

1) No dairy. I switched to goat cheese,  almond milk (unsweetened) and coconut yogurt.

2) No gluten. Also very little rice (brown or wild), no potatoes except sweet potatoes or yams, no pasta. Maybe rice pasta, rarely.

3) Very little sugar. A bit of honey. Check carefully all foods you buy. Packaged and processed foods especially add sugar or corn syrup. Even yogurt. Fruit juices at a minimum. 

4) Limited meat, just chicken or turkey once in awhile. Fish (wild, not farmed). No tuna, swordfish or shark. Scallops and shrimp are great.

5) Green, green, green. A commercial drink I love is Lydia’s green vegetable soup. If you can’t find it, you can make your own version with: Raw cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, avocado, cilantro, basil, lemon juice, dulse seaweed, ginger, a pinch of salt. Plenty of green salads. I add apple, feta, avocado, walnuts to dark greens like romaine and arugula.

6) As much as possible, eat organic and local. The chemicals, additives, hormones in so much of American foods is quite toxic.

7) I eat a lot of lentils, beans, almonds and almond butter, walnuts.

Those are a few eating tips to begin with. There are many more. Call me for details. I exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Do yoga. And run (really more of a trot but good for metabolism.) I get lots of sleep. I love dark chocolate, a small bit. The point is to cleanse your system and your spirit at the same time. To feel your power, awaken and channel your creativity by being grounded well in your earth, your body. As they say in yoga, root to rise.

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”  Chinese proverb


Lean In, Lean Back, Leap Beyond


My plan was to write a little review of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In:Women, Work, and the Will to Lead as a jumping off point to talk about feminine power and the urgent need for women’s leadership in organizations, institutions, corporations. Well, right away you can tell I have big questions in mind. Too many for one blog. This is going to be a series. Let’s talk about this.

Just a few comments on my blog title. When i think of “lean in”, I’m picturing bending, inclining, slouching, slumping, dipping, sagging. I bow my shoulder to the plow. The opposite and refreshing term “lean back” is Arianna’s. Take a break. Stop killing yourself, your creativity and joy, by a fast paced narrow focus on climbing the ladder of success. On following a constant career marathon, as Sandberg describes. At least backing away is a bit of a vacation. Away from the heroic masculine shortsighted focus on the sole metric of dollars. But I’m picturing something else from women leaders. A leap beyond these dualities. A transformation of what it means to lead a successful life. Like the hundreds and thousands of women who begin their own businesses every day. Leaping beyond the limitations of structures and practices which do not value their vision, creativity, talent. Overcoming the deeply internalized myths of female inferiority.

Leaving the ladder for the web. Leaving the language of war for the mother tongue of connection. 

First, I commend Sandberg for fueling many conversations about women in leadership. We both agree there should be more women in power. But what kind of power are we talking about? And to what ends? Arianna Huffington has begun a brilliant conversation on what she calls the Third Metric: Redefining the meaning of success and power, going to the root of what is so wrong with the system. Calling for a third women’s revolution. Making room for wellbeing, for wisdom, for wonder. 

What do women most value? Are women not ambitious enough, off ramping, leaving before they leave, not going for the corner office? Sandberg implies in several sections of her book that women leave organizations and the possibilities for promotion because of conflicting family responsibilities. This is not true. The research here in the U.S., the U.K and Canada show the primary reasons talented, qualified women leave organizations are because 1) They want to contribute to a larger world; 2) They are dissatisfied with the direction of the organization; 3) There is a toxic climate or culture; 4) Their contributions are not valued; 5) They feel isolated and disconnected, unable to bring their whole selves to work. This includes their hearts.

Here’s a wonderful statement by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods:

“We can’t solve the problems at the level of consciousness we’re currently at. We need our leaders to release love. Love is in the closet. And we all know women on average have a much higher emotional, spiritual and social intelligence than men do. Men’s metaphors for corporations are primarily war metaphors, sports metaphors, and Darwinian metaphors…survival of the fittest. These are antithetical to having love in the culture. So, if love is going to come out of the corporate closet, it’s going to have to be women who release it.”

Sandberg charges women with not being ambitious enough. I think most women are very ambitious. They want a different world. One their children, grandchildren, seven generations out can live in peace and prosperity. That’s a wild dream! And a financially sound one as well.


What is The Wild Feminine?


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In this brief conversation with author and speaker Marilyn Steele, the spirit, energy and vision of feminine power and wisdom are evoked through music, images of nature, and words. Welcome to the viewer seeking inspiration and healing for self and the world. For those interested in a video of their own, contact Eric Pomert, Life Story Video Editor.

Book Launch: The Wild Feminine is Here!



Last night I dreamed I was carrying a green garden hose for miles across a flat landscape of golden plains. First I had to get out of the city, wind my way around cars stuck in a traffic jam. Then a long, long walk, the hose streaming water until I get to my destination – a clinic, a conference of writers and healers. Someone helps me find a large container to collect the water.

Mary Oliver’s poem comes to mind: “You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees/ For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body/love what it loves.”

The container is this book. It is a moment of arrival as I offer The Wild Feminine, a collection of personal essays and stories which point to not only things, people, places I personally love and learned from, but to the stream of feminine awareness, consciousness, and power which is returning to moisten a desiccated land. We live in a fragmented, conflicted world where feminine authority, wisdom and creativity are so urgently needed to restore us to wholeness, to holiness. This is my little offering. I take heart in feeling the community around me, my tribe, the many ways in which the wild feminine is returning.

I loved Arianna Huffington’s Smith commencement address Sunday. She spoke passionately of this need for women to redefine success by including “well-being, wisdom, our ability to wonder, and to give back”. This society’s narrow definition of success is not good for anyone. Certainly not for the environment, or women, or men, for that matter.

The wonders and richness of living close to nature, to our own wild souls,  are part of my stories. Opening to the magic and mysteries of being spiritual beings, to delighting in the joys of the ordinary and everyday, are experiences I hope you will share with me. Learning to reconnect to our own peaceful, knowing centers is a lifelong practice, as is dissolving the illusion of separateness from each other. Every moment we are being guided to use our capacities for love and for transformation, to know there is so much more to who we each are. My purpose in sharing this book is to embolden you to own your own inner authority, to use your feminine power to participate in creating our future, a world in which it will be easier to love. This is an exciting and hopeful time, as the wild and sacred feminine is emerging in every corner, in our dreams, in new science, in the ways we are speaking to each other.

Now I feel like we should have a song. And dance! Although that is way beyond my capacities.

Love and blessings to you all.

View The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Enbolden on Amazon