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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?   Mary Oliver

THE WAYFINDER JOURNEY: Come Alive to Your New Story, Come Home to Your Wild, Wise Self

This is a time for reinvention. Answering the call of your new story. When we are fully alive, and express that aliveness in the world, we are honoring our soul’s assignment. Bring your biggest, boldest, most beautiful dreams into being and offer the most sacred gift you can make with your life.

If you’re a visionary entrepreneur, a transformative leader – or aspire to be- or a Primetime woman (50+) in life or career transition who is:

~Wondering what you will do with the rest of your one wild and precious life,           now that your career has ended, or your marriage is over, the kids are on their own? Are you afraid it is too late?

~  Burned out, bored, bereft or brokenhearted and hungry for a new dream, goal, and adventure that sets your heart on fire?

~   Shocked by illness or loss to realize time is limited and you haven’t done what you always wanted to…yet.

~  Now liberated from previous roles and responsibilities, do you long for the wild freedom to be real, to discover and live the bigger story of who you are?

~  Passionate about making a difference for something you deeply care about, yearning to commit to “creating a world in which it will be easier to love”?

~ Restless with the soul urgency to grow, stretch, expand, and be happy?

~ Yearning to discover a new dream, or rekindle an old one you thought was lost? Write that book? Take that trip? Find more play and adventure in your life?

~ Committed to moving from financial fears to freedom?

The Wayfinder Journey will show you a map to your beautiful future. You can come alive again to a new dream, author a new story for your life, become an agent of change in the world by aligning your deep soul desires with your fullest, most beautiful expression in the world. Redefine power. Revision success. Reclaim joy.

In this three or six month mentoring program The Wayfinder’s Journey you will begin to track the spiral path of your heroine’s soul journey. You will learn the transformative power of your focused attention, strengthen your intuition, enlist dreams, and welcome synchronicities to navigate change, connect to Earth’s energies and wisdom for direct knowing. You will begin to map your future new story from the call of your wild, wise self.

…anything or anyone

that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.                                                                                              David Whyte


Traveling the Wayfinder path you will:

~Reclaim the treasures of your wild soul you feared were lost in the darkness.

~Come into the open. Bring to light all that you love.

~Be a wild card.

~Lay your cards on the table

~Face your fears and Reclaim your feminine power.

~Begin to create a solid framework and foundation to carry you and your sacred mission.

Now it is time to identify and bring your original medicine into the open. Heal and grow beyond your wounds, turning them into gifts and strengths to share.

This can be a major turning point if you’re ready to make a big change. Perhaps adjust your vision. But choose freedom, aliveness, power. The Wayfinder Journey brings the imaginal and the material together. Powerful processes and practical small steps can awaken and liberate you, can pull you out of your rut and catapult you into the future.

You will move from FEAR to FREEDOM using powerful tools, both spiritual and practical, to step over the threshold to the bigger, more beautiful, brilliant story of who you truly are. As fear fades, a potential flow of new information and clarity, a new reality allows you to reclaim your power. Give yourself a new name. Underlying resistance and fear is the magic and mystery of love.

Traveling the WAYFINDER path is a powerful opportunity for you to join the imaginal with the material world. Reunite spirit with matter. Bring your dreams and visions down to Earth. Connect them to money and your financial freedom. Money is a manifestation of the divine Feminine, the Goddess, in our lives. It brings joy, pleasure if we accept it. It is a blessing when we learn to receive it. It is an important support and tool of power, which awakened women can use for the good of all.

I will help you harness these energies and reclaim your sovereignty. You will change your relationship to the material world. To the Earth. To your body. And to your money. Follow your wild soul calling. Root and blossom as a beautiful new story.


INITIAL CONSULTATION                                                              One hour   $250

DREAM CONSULTATION                One hour   $250/Three sessions in month $599

SOULFINDER TREASURE MAP: TRACKING YOUR HEROINE’S JOURNEY FOR GOLD     Ninety minutes  (a guided active imagination and creative activity)


The Mentoring program includes two monthly hour consultations via telephone, ZOOM video, or in person locally in the Bay Area, California. It also includes:

~A bonus ninety minute SOULFINDER TREASURE MAP creative activity and in-depth exploration of key turning points, symbols, synchroniticites, dreams, peak experiences and losses during your life. This will begin to imagistically reveal the spiral path of your wild soul. (We will schedule this after our first month.)

~ Individually designed writing and other creative assignments (eg Wild Soul Collage) to facilitate integration of new learning.

~ Dream consultation and active imagination exercises

~ Teachings from myth, story, poetry on the Wild Feminine archetype

~ Additional email contact when necessary

~ List of resources, books, and reading recommendations individually tailored

In the Wayfinder Journey you will be guided step by step to design new goals emerging and arising from your soul calling and hearts desire. If you have been dreaming of a new life more aligned with your deeply authentic self. If you are feeling stuck because you do not know how to break away from the old, tired and barren story to birth a beautiful, brilliant and bold new dream, the Wayfinder Journey offers you a way forward.


There’s a secret name inside you

That belongs to the stars

Wind, trees, waves, soul

Take what is yours and live it.

                                                Veronica Goodchild, Songlines for the Soul


A program for awakening feminine consciousness. Reclaiming from the shaming, taming, and fearful admonitions of claiming your feminine power, multifaceted creativity, emergent and empathic brilliance, bringing a transformational New Story to heal ourselves, our planet, to wholeness and holiness following the Law of Love.

I will teach you powerful, practical tools to design a strategic visionary map THAT BECOMES YOUR CALL TO ACTION.

You will leave with a sense of clear confidence and practical, transformational practices to strongly support you in moving through this transition with the excitement of an adventure, magic and mystery

We will use myth and story to understand your own life, its specific life stages and transitions

  • You will see how your personal Heroine’s Journey is also an archetypal, initiatory journeys like Inanna, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, traveling the Medicine Wheel, alchemical processes
  • Owning and writing your own true story is your unique, powerful and catalyzing way to participate in creating a new, life serving myth for the future of all. “Myth is a wild way of telling the truth.” Storyteller Martin Shaw)


If there is to be a change, it will come from us. Right here, where we stand. Women were      always the story-givers, the memory keepers, the dreamers. Listen now to the land’s long dreaming. Do you see what it is dreaming? It’s dreaming you.”

Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted


What is your dreaming? What is your story? If we do not know this, we are asleep and without spiritual roots.                                                Aboriginal saying

To wake up, we dream. Connect to the wild and sacred Medicine Woman within, the inner Shaman, your power animals, spirit allies and ancestors. Identify what you truly want. Grow a vision so strong and rich it longs to take root in the world. Seed and harvest the bigger, braver, more beautiful stories you discover or remember. Create action steps, affirmations and allies to take with you.

Individual Sessions via Skype, Zoom or in person                    $250/hour

Special Dreamwork/Wayfinder consultation Package via Skype, Zoom or in person   $697/for 3 hours (if booked at one time; may be used within 3 months)

The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Embolden

Cover ShotThis unique book of short story personal essays was published May 22, 2013. The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Embolden is here to awaken and strengthen the Wild Feminine in you.

Marilyn weaves personal and archetypal stories and dreams together for a soulful and inspiring call to action. The book invites you to connect to your wild soul and move into the world with your intuition, creativity, and the power of love.

Wild Cards

In this unique deck of twenty-seven cards, Marilyn gives us an opportunity to awaken and be inspired. Each of the 27 Wild Cards contains a spiritual quote by various poets and Marilyn’s art.

Wild Cards make wonderful gifts  for creative soul seekers of all ages.  They can serve as writing prompts, morning inspiration, and encouragement for spirit.

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