Wild Card Introduction

Here is the introductory letter that accompanies each Wild Card deck:

Welcome to Wild Cards with Dr. Marilyn Steele!

These Wild Cards are here to inspire you – to ignite your passion, your imagination, your dreams.  You can use them as writing prompts, daily tokens of inspiration, or meditations.

We women are Wild Cards in the world, at this time.  The time is here for us to come forward, into our communities both local and large, with the values, power, passion, the power of love from the heart of what matters.  We can create the future.

With our wild hearts and soul wisdom, we can be wayfinders, explorers, pilgrims and discoverers.  We have travelled over new territory, and need to report on our findings.  We use the wisest map, which begins in the heart.

We are ready to heal ourselves, our families, and the groups to which we belong.  We can set into motion creative changes for the larger good, by taking the lead, and plunging in.

We are pathfinders, like the leatherback turtle on the front of your cards. The leatherback travels  thousands of miles from icy seas to tropical waters, feeling her way to the beach of her beginning to lay bountiful clutches of eggs in several nests. She is a deep diver, a master navigator, adapts and endures. In many world myths, turtle is the Keeper of Doorways, the creator and sustainer of worlds.   Carrying millions of years of mystery, memory and wisdom, she is the Wild Feminine in each of us.

In your deck you have one blank card.  This is for you to designate your unique power, gift, offering to the game of life.  Something unknown or unpredictable, just as you are in the unique depths of your heart and soul.  Let this card represent a truth about you that you want to declare.  Put your cards on the table.  Declare your brilliance, your love, your wild freedom.  One card is only a start.  You may want to make a deck for yourself as well.

It is time to put all of our cards on the table, the truths about who we are and what we love.  Bring your wildness, passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, and desires.  You are fantastic, sensational, mighty, forceful, and strong!  Creativity and ancient wisdom are within you, natural gifts.  Use them freely.  Be willing to step into your greatness.

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