I offer short talks, daylong workshops and three day retreats on the process, practices and portals of the Way of the Wild Feminine.  This work is dedicated to bringing the transformative power of the Wild and Sacred Feminine alive in you, so that your creativity, vision, voice and passion for what is possible can help heal the planet. Book a complimentary 20 minute consultation to explore speaking possibilities for your group.

The most important focus is to strengthen inner authority, the power of words and mind, to release physical and mental blocks, manifesting situations and events.  This is the Way of the Adventurer, the way of healing relationships between people, nature, circumstances, mind, body and spirit.  This is not only for personal healing but for the highest good, to benefit the community.  We are all dreamers and wisdom keepers.  The time is now for every woman to stand in her power, speak with her true, wild voice, live her vision in the world. We do not have a moment to waste. For our children, grandchildren, and the seven generations, bring your heart, mind and soul-fire to the remaking of the world.

Using 7 pathways to Feminine Power, we use the Seven Directions, the elements of water, fire, earth and air, centered in following the law of Love. Come alive again to your New Story, using Nature’s intelligence and your wild, wise soul to Discover, Dream, Divinely Design and Deliver your big, bold, beautiful new dream for your own life and as your wild genius gift to the world.

Topics include:

  • Primetime (50+) Women’s Revival: Redefine Power, ReVision Success, Change the World
  • The Way of the Wild Feminine: Dream a New Story, Draw a New Map of the World
  • Wayfinders: Paths, Practices and Power in Women’s Leadership

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