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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

Are you are a woman 50+ feeling burnt out, bereft, bored, or dead inside? My six month mentoring program will give you practices, processes and open portals to help you come alive again, come home to your wild, wise self so that you can revision success, redefine power, and reclaim joy.

~Are you wondering what you will do with the rest of your one wild and precious life, now that your career has ended, or your marriage is over, the kids are on their own? Are you afraid it is too late?

~ Are you burned out, bored, uninspired and hungry for a new dream, goal, and adventure both inner and outer?

~  Were you shocked by illness or loss to realize time is limited and you haven’t done what you always wanted…yet.

~  Now liberated from previous roles and responsibilities, do you long for the wild freedom to be real, to discover and live the bigger story of who you are?

~ Has something broken your heart open, firing your passion to make a positive difference, “creating a world in which it will be easier to love”?

~Do you feel dead in your current life/career/relationship and restless in the soul urgency to grow, stretch, expand, and be happy?

In this six month PrimeTime Revival mentoring program, you will learn practices, create paths and discover portals to renewal and reinvention. You will come alive to the new story of your wild, wise self, discovering your legacy and leadership. What is the wise, wild story that wants to know itself in you? That calls you to continue your Heroine’s Journey to your bigger self? Redefine power. Revision success. Reclaim joy. Contact me to explore the possibility of mentoring during 2018-2019 [five spots available]  drmsteele@gmail.com. Complimentary 20 minute consultation via Zoom or telephone.

To begin to map your new story, we will travel in these seven directions:

WEST: Going to the Well (Let Go and Dream)

EAST: Finding Fire (Discover Desire)

SOUTH: Root to Rise (Soul Align with Divine Design)

NORTH: Wild Wings: (Destiny, the Give-Away, Becoming Elder)

ABOVE: Wild Freedom to Soar

BELOW: Embody and Ground the Vision

WITHIN: Expanding with the Law of Love

Seven is a powerful and magical number. It is associated with feminine power and consciousness. In this seven direction PrimeTime Revival process, imagination is combined with manifestation, spiritual laws with material principles. You will awaken to a new sense of power and guidance. Be renewed. Come alive again. These practices, pathways and portals reconnect you to source and soul. You may rekindle an old dream or find a new one that makes your heart sing. You will create, as a Wayfinder, pathways and practices to align your soul’s assignment with a design to manifest. As you determine your gifts, your calling, you will discover what you want to give away. This brings the joy of living your soul’s destiny.

Whether you are called to a public leadership role or a personal fulfillment goal, both, and all the possibilities in between, are ways for you to come fully alive.

For when you are fully alive, and express that aliveness in the world, you are honoring your souls assignment and will find your greatest joy. You are adding to the spiritual wholeness, the holiness, of an awakening planet. Bringing your biggest, boldest, most beautiful dream into being is the most sacred gift you can make with our life. Your greatest achievements are still ahead of you!

Restore a sense of magic adventure to your life. Remember why you came here in the first place.

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”   Frederick Buechner

This is the WILD ZONE beyond midlife. Discover and claim these freedoms.

Freedom from putting Family responsibilities first.

Freedom from social convention.

Freedom from pleasing others.

Freedom of Mastery

Freedom to savor the Adventure

Freedom to get real.

Freedom to follow intuition, to trust yourself, to unveil your real self.

The freedom of becoming a bigger you.

Through the PrimeTime Revival mentoring process you will:

  • Identify what you truly want
  • Grow a vision so strong and rich it wants to take root in the world
  • Create affirmations, action steps, and allies to take with you.

We will track your heroine’s journey. Claim your sacred story. Awaken and activate the wild and wise woman within to sing your soul song with power into a world which needs to hear your voice.

We travel the Way of the Adventurer. The Wayfinder’s Path. The Soulfinders Path. These are the themes:


Trials and Victories of Initiation

Return with Treasure and Rule as the Queen of Two Worlds

During 2019-2020, I am offering a six month mentoring program to ten individual Primetime (50+) women in life or career transitions, visionary entrepreneurs, transformational leaders or aspiring leaders [as of July 1, 2018, there are five spots available] This work is dedicated to bringing the transformative power of the Wild and Sacred Feminine alive in you, so that your creativity, vision, voice and passion for what is possible can help heal the planet. Book a complimentary 20 minute consultation to explore whether this might be the adventure and strategy for your beautiful future.

We are all dreamers and wisdom keepers.  The time is now for every woman to stand in her power, speak with her true, wild voice, live her vision in the world. We do not have a moment to waste. For our children, grandchildren, and the seven generations, bring your heart, mind and soul-fire to the remaking of the world.

Using 7 pathways to Feminine Power, we use the Seven Directions, the elements of water, fire, earth and air, centered in following the law of Love. Come alive again to your New Story, using Nature’s intelligence and your wild, wise soul to Discover, Dream, Divinely Design and Deliver your big, bold, beautiful new dream for your own life and birth your wild genius gift to the world.

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