Dr. Steele helped me unpack a dream that was life changing and transformative! I am still digesting all the material my psyche provided. She helped me find the Aha’s within the dream symbols and even helped me connect it with dreams from life-changing thresholds from my past (eating disorder recovery, just prior to giving birth). This is powerful work and Marilyn’s depth of awareness in Jungian dream work and big empathic presence make it possible. I am grateful for her and highly recommend her for dream work sessions.

Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe

“After meeting Marilyn and reading her book, I sensed that she would be a wise guide on my quest to access more of my own feminine power. With her knowledge of Jungian philosophy, intuitive questions and great sense of humor, Marilyn has skillfully guided me to find the wisdom within my dreams. Working with her has transformed some confusing nighttime messages from my deepest self into fascinating tools for positive change in my waking life.” Dana A., May, 2014

I remember the first time I heard you speak. I don’t remember what you talked about, but I remember your presence. I remember that you spoke while grounded in the feminine. I remember that the words you said spoke to my feminine and there was a gnosis in me about the truth of the words you spoke. I knew then that I wanted to do psychotherapy with you, though I didn’t understand then exactly why…Not only could you hear my own true feminine voice, you celebrated that voice.  I realize now that I came to you hoping to find my own voice again. I shed tears of gratitude for in our relationship I found a place to say what I know inside, a place for me to begin to speak as a woman…and other woman’s lives are different because you have heard and honored my feminine voice, for I can now hear their feminine voices. And I thank you for the legacy of voice you have left. May it someday reach every woman.

Michelle B., Author, Psychologist, Bay Area, CA

“Yesterday, my best friend from childhood was at my house for a relaxing day.  As she was leaving and we walked out my front door, there was the package of your cards.  I opened the package and a box, and guess what card I read to her?  “Beside a well, one does not thirst. Beside a sister, one does not despair.”  What a sweet and perfect moment. I love your painting and your writing.  Ummmm, a woman of much wisdom & many talents!”

Kate W., Marin County, CA

“Your wisdom and experience, along with your presence and attention to the feminine and the underworld/shadow, were invaluable.  Clearly this is your work and you are in your element.”

Michelle, Workshop participant

“What a refreshing change from the linear research oriented classes generally offered. The ideas were thought provoking, and the discussions stimulating. Thanks for bringing us wisdom in ‘the mother tongue’.”

Nora M., Psychologist

“What an ocean of beauty! This book [The WildFeminine] gathers a woman’s deeply

cherished experience of the wild feminine in stories that beautifully elucidate so many profound truths about life – those she has learned and those she has always known. Overflowing with wisdom, Steele’s book will be a blessing wherever it goes.” Janine Canan,  author of Ardor: Poems of Life and Garland of Love

“All around excellent course! Able to discuss so many important and varied topics while maintaining a continuous understanding of women and psychology…a wealth of knowledge.”

Kate F., UC Extension

“A complex and difficult subject matter [new science, leadership and the power of the Feminine. Title -Life and Leadership in the Round: From Chaos to Creativity] handled with deftness, incisiveness and openness by the instructor. Very rich indeed!”

– G.W., PhD psychologist

“I just read your article ‘Spider woman Speaks’ published in the current SageWoman. I was ecstatic! Your words are music!  I am not alone! The final victory is not mine alone, all of us share the fruit!  We complement instead of compete. The ‘wild’ in me is now validated.”

Judith R.

“I was riveted by Marilyn Steele’s “Default,” a harrowing account of harassment at the hands of predatory credit card companies. It’s a story that no one should have to live through, and yet so many people do. Steele broadens the scope of her article near the end, touching on homelessness, poverty, illness, war—and for this too, she is to be commended.”

Becky Tuch, Reviewer

“I shed tears for all the women who have lost their voice, for all the women who are afraid of anything other than the masculine voice.  And I shed tears of gratitude for our relationship, where I found a place to say what I know inside, a place for me to begin to speak as a woman.”


Painting featured above: Moon Goddess © Anna Oneglia