The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. If you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”   —Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Aborigines ask: What is your dreaming? What is your story? If we do not know this, we are asleep and without spiritual roots. Your wild soul story is your medicine. What is the work your deeper life is calling you to? What makes your heart sing? Find your myth. Reconnect to a source. Bring this new story to life.

With our wild hearts and soul wisdom, we can be Wayfinders, explorers, pilgrims and midwives to sacred mysteries, the new story of what it to come. We use the wisest map which begins in the heart.

 The wild feminine is not only sustainable in all worlds, it sustains all worlds. Let’s admit it. We, women, are building a motherland; each with her own plot of soil eked from a night of dreams, a day of work. We are spreading this soil in larger and larger circles, slowly, slowly. One day it will be a continuous land, a resurrected land come back from the dead…Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

As chthonic beings, Wild Women of the earth, we are related to the deities and spirits of the underworld. We must become self-earthed, humble, embodying ancient wisdom. Most of us have been cut off at the roots, separated from our own deepest source ground of power hidden in the dark, in the earth, in the underground. When we return to being indigenous, which means native, indwelling, deep rooted, we are “born from within” and thus have access to our fullest capacities for creativity, intuition, seeing in the dark, the capacity for transformation.

How do we step across the fear threshold, through the fires of initiation, to align with and live our authentic calling? To reclaim our wild genius, our native, indigenous intelligence, our feminine power, we need skillful practices, allies and mentors, our Dreaming, and community.

In this six weeks online course, you will learn a process, practices and portals to discovering your new wild soul story. We will follow a Medicine Wheel in Seven Directions, created from Jungian, alchemical, Native American and other indigenous, earth based spiritual traditions. We orient to the images and energies of the archetypal Wild and Sacred Feminine within and without. We will learn to strengthen, attune to, and creatively engage with our DREAMING as one of the most powerful and accessible sources of healing, creativity and soul guidance.

A course for awakening feminine consciousness. Connecting to feminine power. Discovering your legacy and embodying your leadership. Reclaim JOY as you grow in alignment with your WILD SOUL. For coaches, consultants, creatives, writers, visionaries, healers, transformational leaders. For women who long to come alive again with the heat of their souls, to live the new story of their wild hearts.

You will discover how to:

~Awaken and activate the energies of the Wild Feminine which are evolutionary and revolutionary. Creative. Transformative. Powerful. Brilliant. Multidimensional.

~Enliven dreams, increase attunement to synchronicities and symbolic life

~Awaken Wild Mind: Intuitive. Imaginative. Feeling. Holistic. Non-ordinary. Multidimensional.

~Be inspired through education, interactive writing, Dreamwork, visual images and poetry to your wild genius.

~Explore the images and energies of the solar Feminine to ignite the fire of your soul

~Strengthen your connection to Nature’s wisdom.

~Understand the weaving path that takes you in circles of descent and ascent, the spiral soul path of the Wild Feminine.

~Become a powerful messenger for the beautiful new story that wants to be born in you, through you, for the good of all. Awaken a new sense of power and guidance. Be renewed. Come alive again. Help to create a world “in which it will be easier to love.”

As we work with the four elements, turning in Seven directions, you will strengthen your Dreaming, become more attuned to synchronicities, symbols and the sacred in everyday life. We will pay special attention to any dreams that emerge to shine light on your path toward discovering your legacy and becoming the leader, the medicine woman, you are meant to be. You will be guided in active imagination, in writing and other creative activities for each module, including a final SOUL TREASURE MAP to see the spiral path of your HEROINE’S JOURNEY and the soul calling of your future self.

I know we have to remember. … I remember when we had dreamers and they knew the water and its first songs, and I remember that the dreamers found water and medicine for the people. Nan okcha. All alive. Remember.

Linda Hogan


This course is for you if you are ready to shift from asking Who am I? to What are we doing together? What am I part of? What larger purposes are trying to work themselves through me? How do I embrace my soul purpose and bring my gifts to the world? How do I house my bigger Self to participate in creating a world in balance?

We are redefining success and power. Revisioning leadership. We take the long view, seven generations out. We are Wayfinders. Pilgrims. Pioneers. We have travelled over new territory and need to report on our discoveries. We use the wisest map which begins in the heart. Perhaps you will discover your new name. We are looking for new lands. What is the wild and wise new story yearning to come alive in you?

“There’s a secret name inside you/that belongs to the stars/wind, trees, waves, soul/Take what is yours and live it.” – Veronica Goodchild -Songlines for the Soul

In this course (live online version) we will explore the universal language of the soul, the mundus imaginalis through reading, writing, Dreamwork and active imagination We begin to bridge the inner world of spirit with the outer world of action. Magic is a breath away. We recover our vitality, our sense of sacred purpose, as we practice ways to nurture an ongoing, active dialogue with your soul. We will track Synchronicity, symbol, story as the path of your heroine’s soul journey appears.

“The wild soul is calling out, calling for us to sing our song as the new myth breaks through, calling for new vision, for new creations, for the embodiment of subtle knowledge centered in the compassionate heart.”– Veronica Goodchild (Songlines of the Soul)

As you experience coming alive again to your dreams, to the vast intelligence of the Universe within and without, you will begin to see how your new story can contribute to the emerging feminine New Story called into being at this time.

In this course, the live calls will be in the Meeting format on Zoom so you will be able to participate “in person” as you wish. There will be ample opportunities for you to engage with the material in the moment as well as suggested assignments for further reflection, exploration, and expression: Writing, drawing, soul treasure map collage. The Jungian practice of active imagination.



Overview of Wild Feminine archetype (the dynamic, transformative feminine) and the Seven Directions Medicine wheel.

THE WAY OF THE WEST: Going to the Well (Let Go and Dream) Solutio/Dreaming   Element: Water

“We must come to the end before a new beginning can come to us.” Helen Cixous

The West is a place for introspection, the place of Water, the color of black, the direction of the mystery, the Unknown. It is a woman’s place. All of life emerges out of darkness, the womb. You will learn how to let go of a belief in your inadequacy and inferiority, a myth pervasive throughout the world for thousands of years. One of the key portals, pathways and practices of this first module is to learn how to strengthen and engage with your Dreaming to heal, to create new possibilities.


THE WAY OF THE EAST: Finding Fire (Discover Desire) Calcinatio   Element: Fire

We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.” Ursula le Guin

In The East is a place for new beginnings, the dawning of a new day, a place of fire, the color yellow, the direction of vision. It is a place of illumination, where you find your gifts, see what is hidden and give voice to what matters. From the East we gather the power of fire, the courage of the lion, the energies of transformation, the vision of Eagle. Call on your own power for self creation and self government, the power within that produces visions and creates magic.


THE WAY OF THE SOUTH: Root to Rise (Soul Align with Divine Design) Coagulatio/Body/Feelings Element: Earth

The South is a place of innocence, of play, whose element is Earth, the color green or red, the direction of intimacy, feelings. It is a place to prepare for the future by trusting the next small step, by using our eyes for discrimination, for detail.We enjoy the sensuousness of our sacred bodies. We enlist the help of animal allies: Mouse, Coyote, Lynx and Cougar. The wisdom of the small, like Grandmother Spider Woman. We explore stories of the Black Madonna, of Snake, the dreams where Mother Earth spoke to you, your embodied wisdom.


THE WAY OF THE NORTH Wild Wings: (Destiny, the GiveAway)Separatio/Elders/the Give Away/Mountain Element: Air

The North is a place of wisdom, a place of work, and the Give Away. The color is white, the element air, the direction – imagining, thinking, solving problems, keeping in mind the seven generations. We learn to complete and fulfill our vision in a balanced way. We free ourselves from fear. We see how all things fit together. Our intuition is made conscious and we trust it. We learn to stand at the center of things. We become the elders of our own journey. Thinking like a Mountain, we find our “Standing Rock”. This is the path of service, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the seven generations. Mitakuye oyasin – All my relations.



 The central teaching story and image of this week came from a powerful dream and initiation called “Singing in Tree”.

How do we learn to sing in Tree?

The green, vital, growing gospel of the Wild and Sacred Feminine is not found in patriarchal religions and institutions of knowledge. Learning to locate our soul songs and sing them for the world is a process of unlearning much of what we were taught. Learning to listen to and trust our own wild wisdom through our dreaming, through connecting to Nature, to welcoming the still, small voice of our own intuition, to finding the Goddess within, to finding our animal spirit allies. This is living process of becoming , an integration of being and doing. It is also a Heroine’s Journey reclaiming for both personal and planetary transformation the power, wisdom creativity, magic and mystery of the Wild and Sacred Feminine. It is the collective new story that is trying to be born. A uniting of the opposites. The seat of transformation and renewal, which is feminine. We need the wisdom of nature to bring about balance—in ourselves, in the evolution of consciousness in the world. This is feminine energy emerging as an antidote to our extreme disregard for the environment, our estrangement from our own nature.


In this interconnected, conscious and holographic universe we are both creations and co-creators. We remember who we truly are as the Feminine emerges from a long burial, as She returns from exile.

“This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings, so love, love, love.” Hafiz


We act to anchor what we have begun to learn in the core of our being. We live as fully ourselves, interconnected with the universal World Tree. We reach to the sky, firmly rooted in the underworld, centered in our wild, wise hearts.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” Rainer Maria Rilke

We will tell our own stories of descent to the Goddess, the story of Inanna. Snake dreams and Initiations.

They wished to flower/And flowering is being beautiful. But we wish to ripen/And that means being dark and taking pains.




There is nothing outside that is not also within. Nothing above that is not also below. Even God, the Mystery, Higher Power, Great Spirit, is within and between us. We are woven into the fabric of the universe. We carry light, the spark of the divine, each of us part of the web of light that encircles this Earth. Aware or unaware, we participate in the creation of the ongoing and evolving story of what it means to be alive and holy beings.

                                                      Veronica Goodchild -Songlines for the Sou

Traveling the final 3 directions you will begin to ground, to channel, to manifest your truest most aligned soul self in the world and create an inspired life. You begin to remember why you came here, your soul knowing, your sacred mission. In this way, you begin to inhabit your bigger story and live your greatness, your Wild Genius.

What might it mean to follow the Law of Love? This is the direction of Within, where you commit to linking the power of your love to creating a beautiful, powerful gift to your family, your community, your world.

There is nothing outside that is not also within. Nothing above that is not also below. Even God, the Mystery, Higher Power, Great Spirit, is within and between us. We are woven into the fabric of the universe. We carry light, the spark of the divine, each of us part of the web of light that encircles this Earth. Aware or unaware, we participate in the creation of the ongoing and evolving story of what it means to be alive and holy beings.

“The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows up out of you like the green seed from the dark earth”. –C.G. Jung, The Red Book


I am somehow driven to step up now more than ever, to become active, to align wholeheartedly with that which wants to break through the earth’s crust and into the world – in order to be part of a greater unfolding of LOVE…The old ways are obsolete and we are now called to inhabit and LIVE our purpose. (Ellie/UK)

I felt I was coming home to something I didn’t even know was home…nor am I clear what it is…but am excited and trepidatious (not sure there’s actually such a word) in equal measure..I am hoping for a journey/process to help restore and revitalise and to find some fellow travellers for mutual support, challenge and inspiration..(Lesley/US)

Esteemed Wild Women! It was wonderful to be with you all today in the holy container that Marilyn created. I could feel the magic we’re creating together moving in the ether in and around me.(DM/U.S.)

The connection between us all was palpable, and I could also feel the magic. Not so long ago these experiences and my lack of surrender to them led to the complete breaking of the core of my being. However, when rebuilding I was awakened to the presence of the deeply divine feminine energy within me, something I feel I could have not experienced had my rebirth not been so severe. Getting assistance in surrendering to what is awaiting to be explored will help me live a life in alignment with my lost authentic self, and the courage to follow it so that I may be of service to this world.

                                                                   Sofie H., Artist, Australia

While Marilyn was talking last night about the 4 directions, she also mentioned animals that represent these different directions – the turtle (not quite the same but similar to a tortoise), the mouse and the eagle, and I thought it was quite special that I had seen them all just a few days before. There is a part of me that says this is nonsense, trying to find ‘sign’s where they don’t exist, but another part of me says perhaps this is the language of the wild feminine?  (Theresa/ South Africa)

Anyway it struck me that this last class could be a message to this group about becoming more active in our communities, the land we live on (protecting, caring, learning about it), learning the myths and stories of our particular areas and in this way perhaps becoming rocks (mountains) in our communities. It seems apt in ‘becoming mountains’ and the renewed need for action now.                                        Clare D., United States

I’ve chosen this webinar because of a feeling that something in me is being held back. Lion dreams were mentioned in the intro class, and I have been having these for about ten years.  Often I am running in fear from being hunted down.  I interpret these dreams as my fear of being powerful.  (Danielle/UK)

I love this time of life and what it is showing me. I love the wild feminine within who has called me by name since childhood.  She who must be obeyed led me to this group. So here I am with an open mind and open heart and the willingness to appear foolish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nancy H., Psychotherapist, US

This has been a very rich experience for me, I’ve loved the symbols, imagery, poetry and your interpretation of it all. I especially appreciated your responses to my posts, and insights on my dreams.                                                      (JS/ Consultant/ Mexico)

Thank you for all of your wisdom you have shared so far. I feel as though it has been such a gift, especially during this last week where I too have felt a heavy sadness in my body [November 9, 2016] It has brought great comfort being part of such an inspiring group of women, especially those who are much closer to the epicentre of the election result who seem to be doing their upmost to move through this. (SH/ New Zealand)

I shared my dreams on trees earlier, and it was wonderful to hear about the symbolism and relevance of trees as an expression of the wild feminine. Thank you so much for offering this course, I’ve been floundering in the dark for a few years but over the past few weeks something has shifted, small, but profound.


I wanted to let you all know of the dream I had last night after the webinar:

There was a bunch of us (unknown to me) in a ‘teaching hospital.” We were discussing cancer cures in a very general manner, investigating how cells mutate in cancers. There were diagrams like on a x-ray but to look closer this was projected. The projection was in the night sky, and were like star constellations so we could all see how they mutated, much more clearly than on the hospital chart. It seemed to me on awakening that it was a dream about healing on a large/cosmic scale.      

                                                         Laura S., Ecotherapist, United States

I have my “nervous blotchy rash” right now directly over my heart for some reason… Fascinating how Dr. Marilyn just said “let the blood rise.” I’ve been so anxious with tons of somatic anxiety symptoms and I’ve always tried to hide it which makes it worse. Before the class started today I looked at my little rash and thought “maybe my heart’s on fire” like in the Rumi quote I saw in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Then you said “let the blood rise.” I still hate coming across as nervous, but I know this is a much deeper issue regarding the stifling of my voice for so long; I feel like a child trying to go out in the world for the first time- it’s terrifying, but I do feel called to “speak up” more and more as I continue my journey of becoming a psychologist. I gave a lecture this morning on “Qualitative Research Methods: Valuing Uniqueness & In-Depth Understanding.” It went better than I anticipated (classic) because I was passionate about the topic- having been long-embedded in a quantitative, “hard science, “objective” paradigm and only finding out about qualitative several months ago, I finally found a “home” which certainly aligns with what we’ve been talking about in this course.


Karissa B., Teacher/PhD candidate, UK